What do Media Studies students learn?

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June 20, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Grade 12 Media Studies Journals

Every year, students in Media Studies 12-0 write ten journals, where they can keep track and ownership of what they are learning. We write 9 in class, and number ten the students have to write at home.

Here is what a few have had to say. To protect their privacy, we don’t share their names, just their opinions.

L.S., female, age 18.

I have learned so much in this course. Looking back I cannot believe it. I’ve learned so much that it has changed my everyday life and how I view things. I can no longer ignore advertising as I used to. I can no longer read an ad and believe what it says. I look deeply into each one I see whether it be on a poster or on TV and notice things such as specific colours like in the Viagra commercial.

I enjoyed learning about cartoon noises because we’re influenced by them from such a young age. I thought I knew what each one meant because of what would be going on in the scene with the noise, but there were some I had never heard of before and/ or had no idea what it was trying to get across.

I did not realize until this year that teens do, in fact, run our society or that large companies such as TIDE bring in 30 people to test their products because these companies are not going to put out mass numbers of their product based on the opinions of a few staff members.procter_gamble

I think it is awesome that you follow us on Twitter and request that we follow you as well. I cannot imagine what you think of us after reading our thoughts and daily experiences.

I am so happy I took this course and had the pleasure of being your student. You are such a funny and caring person and I’m grateful for all you have been able to share with us and to teach us.

M.R. male, age 18.

What a great year it has been in media studies. We have learned so many things. At the beginning of the year, we learned about the 4 key concepts of media studies. I learned that few women are news anchors, or that magazines for women are used to sell beauty products. These are ideologies. The reason that TV was invented was to sell things. Mr. G., you taught us to think critically and continuously question what is being shown to us. You taught us that we are the ones who really control the media, but most people never complain. That might be the most important thing all year.

R.H., female, age 18.

This year we’ve learned so much about the media and advertisements and how it affects us. We all consume media on a day to day basis and we see up to 3 000 commercials a day. This obviously affects the way we perceive media. Like Disney, you showed us the subliminal messages in movies that perhaps as a child we could not recognize but as an adult, find some of these disturbing.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast (1991)For example, in Beauty and the Beast, the message condoning girls who stay with men who are verbally and physically abusive and if you remain, sweet and nice, they will change into kind, loving, beautiful princes. This is a message we don’t want little girls growing up, watching and thinking this is ok.

Other than Disney we looked at several different aspects in the media and how to interpret them. Over all, I would say this class has been especially enlightening, and I’ve really learned some worthwhile information during this class. Thanks, Mr. G. for making it worthwhile.

A.P., female, age 18.

Media Studies has been the most unique class I have taken in high school. The teaching methods used have covered all different types of learners in the class. I know I am not the only one going away from this class with a whole new outlook on the media. From our PSA project to creating our photography assignment to our CD review to our final project to create a magazine, I have learned so much about what viewers like to hear and see, as well as how our culture is affected by our media.

One thing from the beginning of the term that has stuck in my mind is when you showed us the Budweiser commercial with the puppy and the horse.


That ad really touched me so much that I still watch it from time to time. I see this is what is important in the media. Whether it is a commercial, a Disney movie, a Barbie doll, Elvis, the Beatles or Forrest Gump, whatever touches you deeply has an impact on your life.gump

From the beginning of class with the YOUTUBE music video to the PowerPoint presentations and the class discussions, this class has taught me to think outside the box and to state my opinion. It is always interesting to hear what others have to say in our class and I always enjoyed starting my mornings with Media Studies.

A.E., male, age 17

For my 10th and last Journal entry, I am going to write about how I have changed through my journey in Media Studies. Unlike other classes, this class has been a life changing class, that hanged the way I see ads and the way I watch TV and everything.

LiveAidlogoOne of the main things we did in class was to have a lot of discussions which I really enjoyed. I really liked having the discussions, because they increased my confidence in expressing my opinion. We had a discussion about Disney, Live Aid, and music, about empowerment vs inoculation (media theories) that showed how impressive our class was in their thinking and their acceptance to other opinions that are different.

Overall, this class has been one hell of an experience. We shared laughs and great moments. We had funny days and depressing classes too. We all learned together and started a journey of being media literate. I enjoyed every single moment of this.

R.H., male, age 18.

Journal Ten.

This is the last media studies journal of the semester. I should probably summarize the class. We looked through media studies at our voices. We looked at this through a variety of mediums, such as movies, TV, music, and advertising. I think the highlight of KingLouiethe whole class for me was making the PSAs in our groups, which was a lot of fun. The low point was when the class defended racism in Disney movies. This left me feeling very angry and disgusted with what I was hearing. Currently we are listening to the song Money by Pink Floyd. Awesome song, awesome band, awesome year.

S. G., female, age 18

So here it is. The last week of high school, other than exams of course. It hasn’t really sunk in yet that I’m graduating and come September I won’t be returning to school like I have every year for the past 13. It is crazy.

For me, I think one of the hardest things about graduating is that I am going to miss seeing the teachers I’ve been seeing every day for the past three years. It makes me so sad.

I have learned so much these past few months. I think this may be because of Media Studies. I honestly think it was the most important class I have taken in high school. This is because not only do I use it in media studies but I also use these skills now outside of the class and in other classes. I think it is amazing that one class can impact so much. I don’t think people realize how important it is to learn about the media and different ways it can affect people.

These past few months have been amazing. This class has not only taught me about the media but has got me to come out of my comfort zone and be more comfortable with sharing my ideas with others. I am so glad I took this class.


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