Can’t turn away from Quasimoto

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May 20, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Music Video Assignment

By Jordan S.

This music video is called Catchin The Vibe by Quasimoto. Quasimoto is not very popular he is a underground rapper but has alot of unqiue quailitys about him. He has never not onced showed his face to the public or did any live shows. This what makes him so interesting nobody knows who he really is. Many think he sounds like the rapper Madlib but this could be just a rumor

This video is about a garbage monster who collects garbage and turn them into cd of rap and hip hop music. This concept is weird. You can see the so called Garbage Monster walking around the town like a hobo and picking up garbage. I really enjoy watching his music videos because they are so diffrent and weird. I like the sounds of his voice too. At the end of the video , a car comes up and acts like its a drug deal he exchanges the records for 10 cash. The garbage monster sells the records like someone would sell illegal drugs.

Things i didnt like about this video is since Quasimoto is so mysteroius some thing are very hard to understand. You might have to watch the video a couple times for you to understand the concept, even if it has a concept hah. I didnt like the point where the young boy was throwing the garbage man stuff around and took a gun from him and pointed it at the garbage monster. i didnt understand that part and he looked way to young to be holding a wepon.


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