Nike ad layout comes alive

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May 16, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Advertisement Deconstructionnike air max
By Amir E.

 The ad I chose for my analysis is the Nike Air Max shoes ad. I found this ad particularly brilliant because of the way they used graphics to make the two sneakers look like the lungs. This ad says that when you work out and run in the Nike Air Max sneakers, you will be healthier, therefore, these sneakers will keep you alive, just like how your lungs keep you alive. The message of this ad is so clear and obvious, as it encourages people to be fit, healthy and active, which will happen when they use Nike Air Max sneakers.
 The use of color is this add is very important, as they used only black and white to give the product a classy look that focuses on the actual composition, texture, and shading of the product, which makes it more attractive. The only dark parts in the add are the sneaker, the copy, and Nike logo, which emphasizes there significance. Also when we take a closer look on the sneaker, it looks like they intended to have a halo effect on the sneaker, which makes it look like it is from “outside this world.” And since there is no model, there is no body language or use of sexuality to sell the product.
 The message in this ad is a social message that encourages people to be fit and have an active lifestyle.
 The copy in this ad is brilliant. It says “THEY KEEP YOU ALIVE”, which is a double entendre because it can be interpreted as either working out with the sneakers keeps you alive, or your lungs keeps you alive. The font is a standard non-serif font which makes it a little bit masculine, but there is some sort of elegance in it that makes it works both ways, therefore I think the target audience is both males and females.
 There are no weasel words in the ad.
 This ad connects through the AIDA formula in a remarkable way. It took my attention because of the use of black and white, and the effect of graphics that made the sneaker look like lungs did an awesome job in attracting my attention. Once you check out the ad, it starts sparking your interest because of the copy that says, “They keep you alive” and because everyone want to stay alive, everyone will be interested in it. After sparking your interest, you start thinking about the active and fit lifestyle, and at this moment, this product hits your desire, and you start saying, “I want that.” At the end after getting your attention, sparking your interest, and controlling your desire, this ad makes you want to take action, and go to the nearest store to buy a sneak to “KEEP YOU ALIVE.”


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