Deconstructing VW Ads

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May 15, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

ad decon

Volkswagen promotes precision parking.



Ad Deconstruction
By Matt

1. This advertisement is about Volkswagen Automobiles. This Advertisement is talking about how Volkswagen cars have precision parking assist. The Ad is saying that park assist by Volkswagen is very accurate.

2. The porcupine is darker then the fish and has a darker shadow. There is almost a halo effect around the porcupine because there is a lot of contrast between the background and it. Also around the fish it is lighter than the rest of the background. The light seems to be coming in from the upper left hand corner, giving a shadow effect.

3. There isn’t really a social message in this ad. Perhaps the reason the Volkswagen car is represented by a porcupine is because Volkswagens are different. This is why the “other cars” are represented by fish in a plastic bag, there all the same. Also perhaps Volkswagen cars are bold, that’s why it is a porcupine beside a bag with a fish in it.

4. The font of the “Copy” would be considered masculine. The font is masculine because there are no serifs present in the text. A double entendre is also not present in the ad; however a play on words is. The ad says “Precision parking. Park assist by Volkswagen” and in the background is a porcupine between two separate plastics bags with fish in them, implying they are cars and the Volkswagen is the porcupine.

5. In this ad there are no weasel words present.

6. The ad connects through AIDA because the porcupine grabs your attention, maybe implying Volkswagen cars grab your attention. This helps keep the attention as well as the interest of the viewer. Also the gold fish grab your attention. The ad does not make me desire a Volkswagen car however it is a very clever ad that makes you think when you take a second look.


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