CCR enriches our good Fortune

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May 15, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

CCR1I ain’t no fortunate son
Review by Matt R.

Album title: Chronicle
Band: CCR
Label: Fantasy Records (1976)

Creedence Clearwater Revival’s chronicle is an album that you can’t help but listen to over and over again, a true classic.

Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) was a southern rock/roots rock band from the San Francisco Bay area. The band portrayed southern rock style, singing about southern iconic elements such as the Mississippi river. The band consisted of John Fogerty, Tom Fogerty, Stu Cook and Doug Clifford. John Fogerty was the bands lead vocalist, lead guitar and primary songwriter. Tom Fogerty played rhythmic guitarist and was also backup vocals, Stu Cook was the bands bass player and Doug Clifford played the drums. In the mid seventies, the band broke up due to tensions between the members.

CCR’s chronicle was recorded at Fantasy Records in San Francisco and released in 1976. There is something unique about this album. It features 20 of CCR’s greatest hits. However with release of this album, the song “I heard it through the grapevine” was released with the album. This is one of the reasons why Chronicle is one of the greatest albums ever released. It has all of their hits and shows all different kinds of songs that they have made.

Everything about this album stands out. There are tracks that you cannot listen to just once. The different instruments used, the beat, tempo, they change in every song, and it works. One thing that sticks out in many songs is how strong the vocals are. It is amazing how John Fogerty can go from singing a song like “fortunate son” to “have you ever seen the rain”. He goes from a fast pace song to a slower, easier acoustic song. Another thing that sticks out would be the guitar solos. With John as the lead guitar, he truly puts his heart and soul into the song and guitar solos. In the album, everything comes together. The drums, guitar, singing, it all works out to perfection in the end. With the song “green river”, everything works. The guitar solo is perfect.
CCR’s Chronicle is an album that is not easily forgotten. After you listen to an album like this, you may forget one or two songs, but the majority are still there. Songs such as “Proud Mary”, “lookin’ out my back door”, and “bad moon rising”, songs like this you can never forget. The thing that makes this album stand out against the rest of the world is that music like this can unite generations. Your grandparents, parents, and perhaps your children may listen to classic hits of CCR. Also, it is music like this that you can learn every word and never forget it. It truly brings back memories for people.
Chronicle is an essential when it comes to music. John Fogerty and the rest of the band are those who will be immortalized as pioneers of classic rock music. The album gets a ten out of ten in my books. Everything works in the album. The type of songs that are in it such as faster up beat like “green river” and slower, easier going like “who’ll stop the rain”. The album is an outstanding, glorious piece of art in the eyes of music.
Matt R. Is a grade 12 student whose love for classic hits will never end.


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