Music Video: Works on all LEVELS

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May 13, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Music Video Review

By Sidney P.

The music video i have chosen to do my review on is called Levels by Avicii.

I think that the music video has one big message in it and i think it is saying that being normal and not expressing yourself and living by societies rules is just going to kill you but when you decide to have a little fun and try to be different people don’t accept it at first but in the end it ends up being contagious and everyone will have fun eventually if they just join along.

I do like the music video because i think it shows a very important message that a lot of people just forget about and that is to live your life how you want it not of the rules of society. If i had to improve one thing i think that when everybody was dancing and happy at the end they could have maybe used some more brighter colours to show more happiness but other than that i wouldn’t change a thing about it.


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