Dancin’ to GROWL

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May 7, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle


Music Video Review

by Solim L.

The music video I choose is “Growl” which is from South Korea, “EXO” group sing the song. The music video was cool and it is boys dance so it was hard to do the same action as them. However, in the English class, me and my friends had a project that we can do anything in the ten week. So we did the dance of this music video and took the video. This music video is made of one-take video and twelve members in this video. I think boy’s group dance is really powerful and their moving actions are same in same time in the music video.

This music video was popular in 2013, in South Korea and I admit that “Growl” music video infatuated women heart. In this school some of Koreans and Chinese people are big fan of “EXO”. Also, this group has six Korean and six Chinese so the entertainment captured two countries very well.


I do not see any disadvantage of this music video because they practiced very hard and they made good result. Also, the background and fashions are really nice too.





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