Shelton sings “Boys round here”

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May 6, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Boys Round Here Music Video
Bailey F.

Boys Round Here- Blake Shelton

This video shows you the “cool” way to be a country boy. Blake Shelton, has been nominated for 14 Academy of Country music awards (ACM) , where he has won 3 of those nominations, and also hosted the 2014 ACM awards show. From CMT awards to Billboard awards and many others he has a total of 25 awards. He is an excellent country music artist who is 37 years old and born in Ada, Oklahoma.
Some good things about this video show how people who live down in the southern United States like to have a good time. He pulls up in his nice lifted Ford truck, where he impresses some guys driving by in there “pimped out” Cadillac. On his way out to a party where people are brought together to have a good time, the guys driving the Cadillac follow him out to this barn party where the barn is basically turned into a dance club. The song itself is mostly geared towards talking about girls and trucks and the country way of life, where everyone is invited out to have a good time.

Some not so good things about this video are the fact that he talks a lot about chewing tobacco and there are some stereotypes used in the video like the people driving the Cadillac were of African American decent. Some people may also be offended by the alcohol consumption and the talking about alcohol. Still the camera shots from the first parts make up for the not so good aspects and I would rate this 8/10.

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