Luke Bryan Video “How We Roll” goes too far

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May 6, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Music Video Review

By Lauren S.

I chose to do the video to This is How We Roll by Florida Georgia Line ft. Luke Bryan.

This is a country video done on a highway with a large transport truck with two guys on the top of the transport truck singing while it’s driving. It also shows them and the rest of the band members along with Luke Bryan and a bunch of women dancing, drinking and having a good time inside the transport truck. The women that are inside the transport truck are also being shot in an “innocent” way outside of the truck in very short shirts or bikini tops with lots of cleavage and short shorts. There is also a scene where a man is giving one of these girls a lap-dance inside of the truck. There are lots of scenes with wide open fields or farms with horses to show that they’re in the country. There is also a scene with the same man who was giving the girl a lap-dance, taking his shirt off and swinging it around his head as a cowboy would do with a rope. I’m not sure the significance of the scenes with the man on the dirt bike, however there are plenty, with girls dancing extremely close to the dirt bikes as they are operating. The band members end up at the dirt bike pit dancing and singing as the racers do tricks around them and over top of them. There are many explosions in these scenes as well…

I did indeed like this music video, I don’t tend to watch a lot of music videos but rather just listen to the music however this music video was pretty cool as they had the band members on top of the moving transport truck and partying inside the transport truck rather than using the same old bar scenes or house parties. Although I think it was a bit random, I also liked the scenes at the dirt bike pit as it was cool to see people doing tricks and flips around the singers… I don’t agree with how the girls were portrayed in this music video, however many of them did have long shirts and jeans on, but many of them also had very little on their abdomen and exposed their breasts. They could have been portrayed much worse, however they also weren’t portrayed greatly. I don’t think the explosive scenes needed to be in this video, although they did add some colour to the scenes, but they were unnecessary.

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