Have A GOOD TIME with Alan Jackson’s GOOD TIME


May 5, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Music Video
by Matt R.

For my music video review I decided to do Alan Jackson’ Good Time. Alan Jackson was born October 17, 1958 in Newnan, Georgia. He is an American country music singer and is known for blending honky tonk with mainstream country. Jackson has been performing since the mid 1980s and was started up with the help of Glen Campbell. At this time, he is currently touring the United States from now until the end of August. Jackson has toured with musicians such as Randy Travis, George Strait, and the infamous George Jones.

The video for Good Time is one of my favourite music videos to watch. The video just makes you want to get up get moving. I think that the video fits the song perfectly. The song is about a guy who has been at work all week, and then Friday comes. Jackson explains that he’s been working all week and instead of him going home and sleeping, he wants to stay out and have fun with his friends, he wants to have a good time. Jackson says what he and his friends are doing and how their having a good time. The video fits the song because it shows people such as firefighters and military personnel who are working letting loose and having fun, or a “good” time. This is why I think the video works so well. Also, Mr. George Jones makes a cameo in the video, another reason why this song and video are among my favourites.

In my opinion, I would not change a single thing in this video. It has very interesting camera angles and the way the song fits is incredible. I believe the way the line dance gets longer and longer perhaps shows that country music is no longer in the south but all over the place. The video is fun and energetic and is not your average music video. It’s hard not to like this song. Some people may say that there’s no story to the video or it doesn’t go anywhere. That is fine, but, I think this does tell a story. Alan Jackson wants to break the world record for longest line dance, while also singing about having a good time with his friends. For me, the video was perfect. It shows that Alan is a guy who’s all about country music and truly having a good time.


One thought on “Have A GOOD TIME with Alan Jackson’s GOOD TIME

  1. Sandra Fournier says:

    Enjoyed your review. I’m a big Alan Jackson fan as well.

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