Naughty Boy

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April 30, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Naughty Boy could be better

by Jesse N.

2. The video is conveying a story of a legend of a deaf boy who leaves his abusive home, finds a dog who helps people with their troubles. He then helps a man who was troubled and gets him his heart. On their way they meet a disfigured man who is a prophet that was cursed by a demon. Together they venture across the desert to face the demon. In fear of being cursed the boy goes in alone to battle the demon alone with his gift. This video relates to other videos that tell a story but it has its own uniqueness to it. I have yet to see another video/song
on this legend.

3. I really enjoy the video, although I feel it could’ve been done better. I think that they told it in
a modern sense it’s harder to tell what’s actually going on but other than that I think it’s great


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