Give pure Heroin a shot

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April 30, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

lorde heroin
Pure Heroine Is The Only Drug I Need

By Jesse N.

Pure Heroine
Universal (2013)

The most addictive album of the year. You should just give it a shot. You know all your friends love it!
The album showcases Lorde a singer-songwriter from New-Zealand. Lorde was born in New-Zealand on the year of 1996. The genre of this album is pop with influences of hip hop and EDM. Lorde does not play any instruments but lets her voice take the attention of the listeners.

The album was recorded in Auckland with producer Joel Little. Even though it was being done in a small studio they got the album done in under a year, and was released on September 27th 2013.

Lorde’s voice is what really makes the album stand out. Her voice shines above other singers and with a unique tone to it leaving you in a relaxed tone. The songs in this album aren’t just like any pop song you see out there, it has a whole new feel to it. Its slow paced and music and gets you really feeling the lyrics and the voice. My favorite song from the album would probably be Team and my favorite part is at 1:58 to 2:18 I don’t know why but this part of the song really stands out to me and just showcases her voice so wonderfully it just gives a sense of serenity when it’s going on.

This album was big, in january it’d sold almost eight hundred thousand copies and 6.8 million tracks world wide! Because of this album Lorde became the first woman to top the Billboard Alternative Songs chart in the United States since 1996. (That’s kind of cool because that was the same year she was born aswell) Tennis Court from the album was even the number 1 spot in New-Zealands top 40’s singles chart. So it seems like people like it, so I don’t think people will forget about it anytime soon.

This album is really worth picking up if you like a nice relaxing kind of music to relax to. If you don’t want to buy the album make sure you pick up at least the three best tracks from the album. Royals, Tennis Court, Team, are so good you can’t miss out of them so if you don’t want to invest in the whole album at least pick up these tracks and you won’t regret it. So get off the streets and stop doing drugs just get Pure Heroine.

This album deserves 9.5/10

This review was done by Jesse N., without a doubt the best review you’ll ever read.


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