Everybody’s got somebody but me

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April 30, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Music Video Review

By Ainslee M.





For my music review I decided to analyze Hunter Hayes’ Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me featuring Jason Mraz. Hunter Hayes (age 22) was born on September 9th 1991 in Breaux Bridge Louisiana. Hayes is a multi-talented artist, not only singing but also playing the guitar, piano, accordion, drums and the mandolin. He has been preforming and playing since the early age of four and even preformed for President Bill Clinton at the White House when he was only seven. Hayes has gone on tour with major country artists such as Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwood. He currently has one album available (plus a bonus addition) in which he co-wrote, co-produced, sang and played every instrument. He also is currently going on his own tour with an up and coming group called Dan+Shay and has a new album titled Storyline available in stores within a few days.

I absolutely love the video for Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me. The video is absolutely hilarious and you cannot help but laugh while watching, even if you do not like the song or type of music. The video fits the song perfectly and I love watching it. The title of the song is pretty self-explanatory, it is about two guys (Hayes and Mraz) who see couples just about everywhere the go. They cannot turn around without seeing a happy couple. Both of the artists are sitting at opposite ends of a park being hopelessly alone. Hayes comes into contact with various girls and starts to make a move on them when out of nowhere their very possessive boyfriends show up and scare Hayes off. The closest Mraz gets to a girl is an old woman sitting on a bench whose husband comes and whisks her away before he can get a chance. This video is one of my all-time favorites. Everything about it is perfect, from the filters and lighting used to the humour going on within it.

I honestly would not change a thing about the music video for Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me. It is most definitely a comedic video and it fits into this genre perfectly. There is never a dull moment throughout it. Some people may criticize how the artists have such a huge role in the video however I like when artists are in so involved in their video. Hunter Hayes is young and still getting his music career going however I believe he is doing a great job and this video greatly shows his personality and his good spirits.

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