Michael Jackson’s “Ghosts” has a unique message for media studies

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April 29, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Music Video Analysis
By Amir E.

Michael Jackson

The video I chose for this assignment is Ghosts by Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is known for his creative music videos that looks like short movies in length, and his videos are always telling cool stories. In this video/Short movie, which lasts for around 40 minutes, Michael Jackson was able to present a great story, great video, awesome performance and dancing, and of course one of his greatest songs.
This video was intended to be a music videos and short film at the same time. This short film was written by Stephen King and it was released in 1996. It features a lot of special effects that capture the viewer’s attention throughout the movie, and the camera shots makes it even scarier. One of the key features of this short film, is the great usage of makeup, which enabled Michael Jackson to play all the main characters even some of the monsters, without being obvious that this was Michael Jackson. In addition to all that, Michael Jackson added his own awesome touch with the amazing choreography that made this video awesome and one of a kind.

The most interesting thing about that video, is its great value message. When you take a closer look and analyze the video, you will notice that it discusses a very important aspect in media studies which is the idea of Empowerment versus inoculation. At the beginning of the video, the mayor wanted to kick Michael Jackson out of the village because he was trying to protect the children from him, which is the same in media, because some people believe that we should inoculate the new generation in order to protect them, but at the end, the video shows how empowering the kids will always be better for the kids than just giving them a vaccine that protect them from everything new.

Overall, it is really a great video and I enjoyed watching it although it was long, but it is really enjoyable, and the mixture between the music, the story, the dancing, and the value message couldn’t have been better.

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