Music Video: Beauty and the Beat

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April 28, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Music Video Assignment
By Anna P.

For this assignment I have decided to analyze the music video, “Beauty and a Beat”, created, directed, and filmed by Justin Bieber. The teen pop sensation has released several music videos in his career but this one is my favorite. This music video features Nicki Minaj midway through, and dozens of others are seen dancing in the background; including synchronized swimmers, people doing flips, and acrobats. This large production is filmed in a waterpark, and it is filmed by Justin Bieber as he sings to the camera. This music video goes underwater, on waterslides, and on land beside the pools. It is not like certain music videos we have seen in class like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, which tells a story, nor does it advertise something such as it did in Bryan Adams’ video. “Beauty and a Beat” is simply a creative video, made to entertain and amuse the audience.
I love this video from start to finish. The energy right from the beginning draws the viewer into the video as it shows the dancers, and of course, Justin Bieber. The music starts and instead of the typical normal credits, they show a ping pong table which has been written with white paint who wrote, directed, and filmed the video. I think it is a unique video in that the camera man is not following around the singer, but the singer is taking the camera with him. There are so many different shots in this video that it keeps the video running smoothly and it is entertaining. The shots in the water are very neat. There is one point where you do not see Justin Bieber, however the camera is underwater and it passes by two cameras which are showing videos of Justin in one, and Justin with two people in the other. As well, at the very end of the video Justin slides down a waterslide and comes out at the bottom with all the people in the video cheering, which shows the hard work that has gone into making this video and they all look genuinely pleased that it is done. It creates a nice ending, leaving the viewer happy.
There are not many parts of this video that I do not like, however I find the very beginning of the video a little long before the song starts to play. They show a bunch of different footage of Justin in his life and I do not understand the necessity of inserting those clips into this video. The other part that is unrealistic is when Justin goes underwater and he comes up and his hair is perfectly styled. I think it makes it look like there was too much editing.

Besides these two things, I think it is a great video and it is obvious it would have taken a long time to plan and film. Given that music videos have been around for over 30 years, it is great to see an artist try to come up with new and creative ideas to freshen up this art form.


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