Specifics for Marshall McLuhan project

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April 23, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Marshall McLuhan



Date Due: _MONDAY MARCH 17, 2014
Marshall McLuhan, Canadian media guru. Well respected for his thinking and writing about media and the need for education about the media.

Pick one of the following quotes (D O NOT CHOOSE #10,11,12 or 13. Save for in class.)
Para 1. : Tell which quote you chose.
Para 2: Tell what you think this quote means. Do you agree with McLuhan, in this case?
Para 3. : How does this quote relate to media studies?

Date Due: _MONDAY MARCH 17, 2014____

Marshall McLuhan brief bio
b. 1911, Edmonton, Alberta
1916 Moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba
1933 Graduates with honours, U of Manitoba
1934 Earns a MA from U of Manitoba.
1943 Earns a PhD Cambridge, England
1946 Begins teaching St. Michael’s College, U of Toronto
1958 Keynote speaker, Ntl Ass’n Educational Broadcasters, used term “Medium is Message.”
1962 Publishes Gutenberg Galaxy
1977 Publishes City as Classroom
1979 Suffers massive stroke
1980 Dies in his sleep
1. Education, which should be helping youth to understand and adapt to their revolutionary new environments, is instead being used merely as an instrument of cultural aggression.
2. I would suggest that if you were to put the TV in the classroom, it would blow the classroom to bits. The teaching processes would be completely transformed: it would be exactly like bringing the Trojan horse inside the walls of Troy.
3. Education is ideally civil defense against media fallout.
4. Electric light is pure information. It is a medium without a message, unless it is used to spell out some verbal ad or name.
5. I am in the position of Louis Pasteur telling doctors that their greatest enemy was quite invisible and quite unrecognized by them.
6. The ads are the best part of any magazine of newspaper. More pain and thought, more wit and art, go into the making of an ad than into the prose feature of press or magazine. Ads are news.
7. The wired plant has no boundaries and no monopolies of knowledge.
8. A fish does not realize its medium until that water changes through the adding of ink or poisons.
9. Unlike previous environmental changes, the electronic media constitute a total and near instantaneous transformation of culture, values, and attitudes.
10. The medium is the message.
11. The medium is the mess age.
12. The medium is the massage.
13. The medium is the mass age.

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