The Photography Project Rubric

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April 22, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Media Studies Photography Rubric
The purpose of this assignment is to get you to understand how to shoot certain photographic conventions that are frequently used in media products. Take your pictures as if you were the photographer for a magazine, and you are tasked with shooting a certain style, for advertising.


Each photo should have a caption underneath to explain who is in the photo, and why it works or does not work in the convention assigned.


Print your photos on paper, either at your home printer or at a commercial establishment that does photo printing. Put this whole assignment together in a Duo-Tang Folder. Hand in the Rubric with your work. You will need to select 2, and only 2, and email those to me to go on line.


*Remember to write a half page analysis at the end to explain what you have learned.

  1. Close up
0 123 456
  1. XCU Extreme Close up
0 123 456
  1. Car/ Vehicle shot
0 123 456
  1. Glamour Shot
0 123 456
  1. Two girls
0 123 456
  1. Two boys
0 123 456
  1. Product shot
0 123 456
  1. Mirror Shot (NO SELFIES!/ You are not to be in this shot)
0 123 456
  1. Trick Shot
0 123 456
  1. “Halo” Effect
0 123 456
  1. SCUFE : Shot Close Up For Effect
0 123 456
  1. Head and shoulders
0 123 456


Part 2.1

On a separate page at the back of this assignment, write at least a half page answer about what you learned while doing this project.

What did you learn? Which shots are you most happy with? What would you do differently? How hard was it to be the photographer for this assignment?


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