Putting Bailey in the Media

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March 25, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Putting Bailey in the Media

My name is Bailey F and I am a 17 year old boy currently enrolled in high school at Fredericton High School. The media I consume now is through Facebook and the music I listen to on CMT. When I watch TV, I typically watch the country music channel CMT and when I’m not working on a Sunday I typically watch the afternoon movies. I don’t have a favorite movie genre but I always enjoyed the Back To The Future Trilogy and I always like a good comedy or War movie. I listen to all sorts of Country music and also classic rock. The only media I create is the occasional Facebook status.

Media History
I watched a lot of different shows as a kid. I was a big Rescue Heroes fan, and I watched Jimmy Neutron with my dad a lot. I don’t remember my first movie exactly but I was always a fan of Disney movies, from Aladdin to The Little Mermaid. The music I listened to was a lot of rock music that I can’t recall of, but I do remember weekend road trips on that old 2 and a half hour drive on the old Trans Canada highway between Fredericton and Moncton, listening to the Eagles and Led Zeppelin. The ads for kids definitely influenced every kid.

army memI played with a lot of toys like Rescue Heroes and the little green army men. I had a huge collection of things for my army men like buildings and an aircraft carrier. I personally think these toys weren’t directly sexist because I had a best friend who was a girl who played those things with me, but I do think the ads were very sexist. I remember the ads for Barbie always having girls only in the commercials and in every hot wheels commercial there was always only boys. These toys didn’t influence me to violence but having a father in the military kind of geared me towards the army men and playing war video games.

Music Choices
I listen to country music now because I love how it tells a story and it also is very calming and catchy. There is always a country song that you can relate your current life situation to, and I’ve also been to the South Eastern United States 18 times and I love how laid back the people are. This is also where most of these country artists come from. I will never listen to any screamo or metal music because there is no rhythm in it.

Television Now
goldbergsCurrently I watch a new show to this year called the Goldbergs. It’s funny and I like to relate it a lot to my family and the old fashion feeling my dad brings to the house and the typical over protectiveness my mom brings. My favourite actor is Mark Wahlberg, because he hasn’t been in one bad movie I’ve ever seen. My favourite ad on TV is the new ad with Steven Stamkos in the Coke Zero commercial where he has to put figure skates on.
On-line Media
I use the internet to check Facebook, and listen to SiriusXm radio online where I pay a subscription for internet commercial free radio. I don’t watch movies online right now but sometimes I’ll stream on Netflix. I think the future of the internet may be with more lazy things, like being able to start your car by logging on to a website.

Never on TV?
All of these new reality TV shows should never be on TV because there is literally a reality show about anything these days. Things like Bachelorette, Jersey Shore and Sister Wives, all are terrible in my opinion because they show people how “society” thinks cool is. When in reality, a TV show should not be about choosing a girl based on spending a week with her then deciding if you want her there next week or kick her off the show.

What will you learn?
I took this class because Mr. Gange is an awesome guy, only knowing him from football he was always a pleasure to have around to bring me water during a long Friday night football game. I also took this class because of the reviews I received from my friends about how interesting and different this class is. I want to learn about the perspective of the people putting things into the media compared to the people consuming the media.

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