Declaring a war over a wedding

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March 25, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Bride_warsBride Wars
By Emily A.

Bride Wars
Gary Winick

Two best friends become rivals when they accidently schedule their perfectly planned weddings on the same day.

Emma and Liv are the best of friends and have planned every detail imaginable of their weddings, since first witnessing a wedding 20 years ago at the Plaza Hotel. Therefore it became a lifetime priority to be married at the same location in the month of June. Due to an error in the scheduling, the two best friends are scheduled to be married on the same day. Both women become obsessed with sabotaging the other in order to make the other one switch their date. This movie shows the down right mean and cruel things a women may do to save her wedding day.

One scene that always had an impact on me was when one of the main characters realized her boyfriend was going to purpose. She jumps up, starts screaming, laughing and crying meanwhile her best friend does the same. The actor in the film who I admire is Kate Hudson, she has very girly, outgoing and energetic qualities quite similar to myself. This is what makes her reaction to the news similar to how assume I would react and how my best friend would be acting.

The directors’ touch was most definitely in affect during this movie. The director did an amazing job of making sure each scene was captured the way it needed to be. Grabbing the little details that needed to be seen early on for later in the film. The feel of this movie is girly, fun and everything a teenage girl dreams about. No doubt that the director did an amazing job at telling a convincing story.

There were hundreds of special effects and computer graphics hidden throughout the whole film, as well as the many that stood out. The two best friends do horrible and horrendous things to each other to sabotage their big day, in order for this to be properly shown to the viewers computer graphics most definitely came into play; such as changing the color of many things that the other owned.

Personally I love this movie for various reasons but of course for the most obvious one. It is every girls’ dream, or atleast mine, to have an big, amazing and unflawed wedding and I’ve been planning it since as long as I can remember. It may be cliché to most but for me it is the most awaited day in my life. I can relate to the movie in many ways and to the excitement of the girls. I adore watching them try on beautiful dresses and pick out bouquets and flowers. The movie puts me in a daydream and makes me feel like I am experiencing that time in my own life.

Emily A. is a grade 12 students who loves the fantasy of the ideal girl world.


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