August Rush is good in any season

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March 25, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

august-rush-posterTouching story “August Rush”

Review by S.L.

August Rush
Directed by Kirsten Sheridan
Released 2007

The movie “August Rush” is a boy (Evan Taylor) composed song and present widely inform so that his parents can find him.

This movie is about an Evan Taylor who was in orphanage for 11years and he knew his parents are alive by his feeling. He did not want to be adopted and he goes to find his parents. Director is Kirsten Sheridan. Evan Taylor is interested in sound of music and he is saying in the movie that he can hear music every time and everything.

I saw Freddie Highmore first in” Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” movie and it I s still fun and good movie and I easily remembered because I watched a lot and he was the main character and his face is in the film most of times. However, now I do not watch Freddie Highmore movie because I do not choose to watch movie by the director or an actors and I just watch by people recommend. The impact scene was when Evan Taylor playing with guitar in the morning and sound of guitar was unique. Also, when he played Pipe organ because I heard Pipe organ is hard to play but in the movie he played and he look like genius. In the movie, it shows good image and truthful to believe.

I thought Director made movie so great and the light, the music and the camera shots had mystical feeling. Dialogue had many messages of feeling like desperate, sadness, vibrant and delightful. However, it was successful in telling a convincing story because it is a movie and could happen in the world and many dramas made by real story and get changed little bit. Also, music helped a lot for telling the story.

I think the soundtrack made the movie unique and they were unusual and nice song to memorable. They added Pipe organ, guitar, orchestra and peculiar instrument and it was really powerful. I do not think it detract from the story.

I think I should spend money for seeing movie because when producers made a movie, takes long time, hard to work, the things used in the movie cost and many people involved. However, in the story, Evan Taylor should be the genius musician but he is just acting so he cannot play well in music instrument and I can see other person doing. At the ending, August Rush performed the song and his parents came to him but it is unrealistic and it would not be in the real life.

I did not told a lot of stories in the movie.

S. L. is a grade 11 student who loves impressive movies.



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