McLuhan: Education could be civil defense

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March 19, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Marshall McLuhan Paper
By Paul G.

fallout“Education is ideally civil defense against media fallout.” This quote is very relevant to our society because media is all around us. Teenagers want the latest video games, phones, apps, etc. This quote is very short and has so much depth and meaning behind it. Let me explain.

The quote is saying that media is this construction of reality of what people want to see themselves be. An example could be the front cover of a fashion magazine. Education is this barrier that tells us what reality truly is and is merely a reality check. I agree and disagree with McLuhan because education puts a lot of pressure on the young ones of society (including myself) to live up to these potentials that are raised through the roof and us teens use media to fall back on to relieve the pressure. I also agree because if there was no education to actually show us what we should focus on, then we would get carried away in this fantasy of looks matter and we wouldn’t learn anything valuable.civil defense horn

This quote has everything to do with studying media. It shows that there should be a balance in education and media. If there is too much education, we would all be robots; without education, we would all be idiots.

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