McLuhan would not endorse today’s education

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March 18, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Marshall McLuhan

Sidney P.

“Education, which should be helping youth to understand and adapt to their revolutionary new environments, is instead being used merely as an instrument of cultural aggression.”

bored-students2I chose this quote by Marshall McLuhan because i feel like it is an important issue in todays day and age. I believe that the quote is saying that people are not being put into school because they want to learn but they are actually being put into school because it is required by society to do.

Children in todays school systems are not learning things they are memorizing them with is two completely different things. I think it is like this because they schools only teach in one way and if you don’t learn that way you are in some big trouble. I think in this quote he is addressing the situation saying that people are just pushed into the education system because it is required and it is the normal thing to do not because they love to learn.

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