McLuhan: We ARE the fish in the sea of media

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March 18, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

We ARE The Fish

By Jesse N.

fishThe quote I like the most of the Marshall Mcluhan quotes was “A fish does not realize its
medium until that water changes through the adding of ink or poisons.”
I think Marshall Mcluhan was saying how we are the fish in a polluted society. The poison  and ink are everything thats wrong that we are taught. A lot of what akes us, us is what we learn / see in media we wether wanna be like something or we hate it. There are many things we  are taught and seen without us actually noticing, such as sexism, racism, drugs, etc. We don’t  really realize what’s happening until it’s really pointed out and once it’s there we can’t really  remove it.

The quote relates to our Media Studies class because it’s referring to how our media has  been poisoned. Most of the people in society don’t even notice that we’re being influenced by what around us in the media. But in reality it really affects us.


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