McLuhan: TV in classrooms like a Trojan Horse


March 18, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Marshall McLuhan Assignment

By Dylan P.

trojan horseFor this assignment I decided to pick the quote from Marsall McLuhan in which he says “I would suggest that if you were to put the TV in the classroom, it would blow the classroom to bits. The teaching process would be completely transformed: it would be exactly like bringing the Trojan horse inside the walls of Troy.” I picked this quote because I thought it was interesting and quite easy to expand on as well. It also seems to be very accurate, as things have changed drastically.

The quote is basically comparing the television to the Trojan horse because of the fact that it comes in seeming like a gift but it will actually end up being the end of what was known as classic teaching. Modern technology has really changed the classroom into a completely different thing over the past two decades. Even since I entered school the advancement has been huge. The introduction of smart boards, full colour projectors, wireless technology and other great feats has mad teaching seem impossible without technology. For this reason I will have to agree with Marshall McLuhan on the fact that technology has blown the classroom to bits and without it, classes would seem completely lost. I have watched it with my own eyes actually; seeing a teacher with no clue on what’s happening after their technology breaks makes me wonder about how great our modern education system really is (or isn’t.)

obeyThis is easily relatable to Media Studies because of the fact that kids nowadays intake most of their media at school. Whether it be in the classroom or on their phone it seems to be that no matter where you are, modern media will be right there with you to hold your hand throughout the day. In my opinion, the classroom should be somewhere in which media is not a factor because while in certain classes it can enrich the course, in others it will certainly hurt it. Of course classes like media studies will be helped from it, but classes like math or science could be worse. Since the adoption of Modern technology into the classrooms, social media will be there day in and day out and by this point, it seems out of hand, out of control, and completely irreversible.


One thought on “McLuhan: TV in classrooms like a Trojan Horse

  1. Doré Bak says:

    The end of the traditional classroom is not necessarily a bad thing. It may be that students no longer increase most of their knowledge by way of the classroom but by way of their smart phones, laptop or desktop computers. Inventions like Google have replaced teachers as a source of knowledge. But there is no way a machine can supplant a human being as a source of wisdom. I believe wisdom can only come by way of real person. Wisdom along with courage, compassion and love of the theatre or literature can not be delivered by a machine. I may sound dogmatic but there are realities that can only be apprehended by dogma. We may no longer need classrooms, but we forever need teachers.
    God bless,
    Doré Bak

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