McLuhan appreciated the wit and art of ads

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March 17, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

printing pressMarshall McLuhan Assignment
By Anna P.

For this assignment I chose to analyze the quote “The ads are the best part of any magazine or newspaper. More pain and thought, more wit and art, go into making of an ad than into the prose feature of press or magazine. Adds are news.” There are lots of hidden messages in that quote, all of which in my opinion are true. In this assignment I will decode the meaning and state how this quote relates to media studies.
I believe that this quote means that more time is spent developing ads than the prose in magazines because they are such a crucial part of magazines. Companies have to pay thousands of dollars to magazine companies to have a page of advertisement, therefore, if they are going to spend so much money for a page ad it has to be spectacular. The ads have to be unlike any other ad they have done before, otherwise than it becomes repetitive to the consumers. It has to be more original than other company ads if they wish to be the most successful. No one will take the time to read a paragraph describing why you should buy a certain product, instead it has to be short and eye catching. In the quote when it says “more pain and thought” I believe this means that creating these ads is not as simple as it may seem. Even if the concept is simple, sometimes those are the hardest to brainstorm for ideas. The creators of these ads have massive stress to be “perfect” which involves hundreds of hours of thought and work. In the quote it says “art”, and I believe this signifies the creativeness of the ads. I agree that most ads are like a piece of art. The prose feature of press or magazines takes a lot of effort to formulate, however, the pressure of making money off of it is not there, and therefore, not as much time and creativeness is put into creating the prose. I believe that the line “ads are news” means that the ads represent what is popular and what is going on in today’s society. They provide a basis for what people are intrigued by, and they inform us about the world’s perceptions on different issues. I agree with McLuhan, because the pages for the advertisements are always eye catching, some are humorous, and I respect the work put into formulating them.

This quote directly relates to media studies because media studies analyzes magazines, since they are a source of media, but even more importantly media studies analyzes the ads. These ads affect people.

If an ad presents a product in a certain way, people’s opinions about that product are influenced to think that way. Today’s society is constantly viewing ads in magazines, and this quote relates to media studies because in media studies we depict ads, and all the hidden messages. It is important for magazines to have more thought, wit, art, and pain put into the creation of it because everyone reading a magazine is forced to read the ad; it is right in front of our eyes. For it to be successful and eye catching, it has to demonstrate something that others will be interested in viewing. Advertisements are everywhere in the media whether or not we realize that dozens of companies are selling us their products while reading a magazine.


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