McLuhan: Ads are the best part of magazines

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March 17, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

magsMarshall McLuhan
By Kristen T.

I chose to examine the following quotation by Marshall McLuhan: “The ads are the best part of any magazine or newspaper. More pain and thought, more wit and art, go into the making of an ad than into the prose feature of press or magazine. Ads are news.”

I think that this is true because ads are an extremely important part of our culture. Ads present to us what is important in society. Ads show us what is cool, what is desirable, and what is in style. The amount of time and thought that go into a single ad rival the time it takes to write up the whole magazine. The amount of time we spend on ads demonstrates how consumerist our society is. How everything we use, is advertised. We objectify people and sexualize objects to the point where it is normal and accepted by the masses. We unconsciously accept that this is the way advertising works. McLuhan suggest that if we make people aware of advertisement would affect us more than the daily news.

I think this relates to media studies because it presents to us how influences of ads present to us more about our culture and perceptions of cool and beauty it has over the masses. I think that through examining ads we see more and more the sexualization and desensitivity that is presented to the masses.


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