Flight will lift you up!

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March 12, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

flightFlight takes off

by Conor D.

Directed by Robert Zemeckis
Parkes, ImageMovers (2012)

Flight will lift you hopes and emotions into the sky only to have them crash into the ground.

Pilot Whip Whitaker, drunk and under the influence from cocaine, takes a nap during a flight and awakens to the plane failing and falling to the ground. After managing to make an emergency landing in field, Whitaker finds himself in a hospital where he meets a heroine addict named Nicole ; here he learns that the police are investigating what caused the crash and that the evidence is starting to point at him. Denzel Washington plays a terrific role as Whitaker and Kelly Reilly as his female counterpart. Don Cheadle is also featured throughout the movie as Whitaker’s friend and defence lawyer.

There is a scene in Flight where Denzel’s character is staying in a hotel room before the day of his hearing and is given a choice: drink the alcohol in the mini fridge or stay sober. The conflict is clearly visible on the actor’s face and perfectly showed the struggle with alcohol addiction. Throughout the movie his character is also struggling with the guilt and responsibility of the crash. He knows that no one should have been able to land the plane and what he did was a miracle but still feels the guilt of the death’s that occurred in the crash. This emotion is clearly visible almost every time you see Denzel.

The director did a great job throughout the entire movie. The beginning, however, was my favourite part of the movie. The dialogue between Whitaker and his co-pilot or even between him and the air flight attendants was witty and created this small atmosphere of worry and doubt in the film. The camera shots during the actual crash scene were spectacular. Although grim, the shots of people thrashing around the plane really added to the effect that this was a bad situation for the character’s. My favourite shot in the entire movie was definitely when the plane was upside down preparing to land.

flight planeThere were not to many special effects in the movie after the plane crash because they were not necessary to make the situations more intense than they already were. The effect that stuck in my mind was when the plane’s wing had crashed into the church steeple before crashing into the dirt. Like all good movies, the soundtrack added so much to this film. A scene where Whitaker and his friends prepare to face their final challenge, the music only adds to the heroism and confidence in these three men.

If you like a good story, some drama and are willing to cheer on the underdog than Flight is definitely a movie for you. I give it a nine out of ten and would easily watch nine more times. If you have ever seen Denzel Washington or Don Cheadle act, then you should already know putting these two together creates an indescribably good movie. The intensity of the movie is so real that you may end thinking that Denzel really did have a drinking problem. It may not be a movie to watch with the whole family but if you ever want to be amazed, Flight is the movie for you.

Conor D. is an open-minded student who is willing to see something from anybody’s point of view.


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