Don’t you forget about The Breakfast Club

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March 12, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

breakfast clubDon’t You Forget About Me
By Karly P.
The Breakfast Club
John Hughes

A movie from the eighties and still popular twenty nine years later; The Breakfast Club is a John Hughes classic.

A brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal- this movie takes place in a library on a Saturday, isolating five teenagers for an unsuspecting turn of events. These five kids have broken the rules, one way or another and are expected to serve a detention together all day long. The five students are very interesting in a way that they all have nothing in common and want nothing to do with each other.
The cocky and arrogant prick is played by John Bender, along with the popular prom queen, Claire Sandish, the crazy Allison Reynolds, the stereotypical jock, Andy Clark and Brian Johnson- the nerd. Although they are not interested in one another, the day grows long and boring and the tough guy cannot bear keeping quite. He jumps at the chance to pick on the prom queen and jock and ridicule them for their perfect lives, when in reality Claire craves for attention from her parents while Andy fights for the courage to stand up to his controlling, pompous father.

While in detention, they are given one task- to write a letter addressing “Who you think you are”. Just like in every high school, there are cliques and stereotypes assigned to you whether you like it or not. These kids all assume that they know exactly who they are, but as the day drags on- they soon realise that they have more in common than expected.

My favourite scene in this movie is when they are sitting in a circle together and theybfast club begin to reveal secrets about themselves. I especially liked this scene because it allowed the characters to express how they truly feel and for a few minutes, forget the mask they are wearing, the act that they play and the stereotype that they are allotted.

These kids’ problems, big or small are everything to them and the rawness of this movie is what makes it so great. Through tears and laughter, they share the details of their lives which they all can understand.

Because this movie was filmed in the eighties, it is not as up to date with the technology used today however that is one of the things I admire about it. It is shot in a way that makes it easy to watch. There is not a lot going on at once; it is a simple classic. This movie was successful in telling a story because it has reality to its script. You will never know someone or their story unless you ask. The music in this film is another one of my favourite additions. The song “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds is one that became known and popular because of the notorious scene with John Bender fist pumping as he walks across the football field.

In some movies, the special effects are what make the movie great. They pull you in and add to the movie in many ways. Although “The Breakfast Club” does not have very many special effects, it is the simplicity of the movie that creates “feel good” moments. I really enjoyed the soundtrack. It was subtle and pieced together well with the rest of the elements.

This is one of my favourite movies because it tells a true story. I do not think we will ever live in a world where stereotypes and labels are non-existent; however this film allows you to see that just sitting down and talking to someone can change your whole view of them and that in most cases, they are nothing of what you expected. You may have a lot in common with someone and not even know it. The story is raw, and relatable; engaging and fun.

Karly P. is a grade 12 student at FHS, a hopeless romantic and a fan of John Hughes classic movies.


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