Life’s lessons from a movie for Grown Ups

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March 11, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

grown upsGrown Ups is a must see

By John S.

Grown Ups
Directed by Dennis Dugan
Sony Pictures Releasing (2010)

The Grown Ups movie is about a group of men trying to teach their kids there is more to life then technology.

This movie tells the story of a group of friends that always hangout in middle school. When they grow up and an old friend dies, they finally get all together again and together they have to try to show their children that there is more fun things in life then just technology. Adam Sandler plays Lenny Feder and his wife Roxanne Chase-Feder played by Salma Hayek. His other four friends, Eric played by Kevin James, Kurt played by Chris Rock, Marcus played by David Spade, and Rob played by Rob Schneider. Directed by Dennis Dugan, this is a great movie set in an always funny scene, filled with humor.

All of the actors in this movie do great in the roles they play and I think that no matter what the mood was set to be somehow they always made it feel really funny and I loved them throughout the entire movie. A good scene in the movie that really impacted the entire output was in the beginning where their old basketball coach “ Coach Buzzer”, had passed away and this is how they all gather together again. It felt so believable just how the mood was set and all the actors did great at playing a sad role while making it feel like a real funeral was happening.

Dennis Dugan is a great director, and in this movie he did a great job with the lighting, music and the atmosphere. They did a great job throughout the whole movie with the setting as they spend most of the time in an old family cabin. This is an overall amazing setting because of the main part of trying to get the children to stay off their electronic devices. This had amazing camera angles throughout the entire movie as they, they made it feel very realistic and I thought that I could have been in the movie with them. They had my attention the entire movie.

There was quite a lot of special effects in this movie, more of the action scenes where there was. In all the scenes where special effects were added it was always in really funny scenes and it made it very memorable because it made me laugh huge amounts and I could never forget these scenes.

Overall I feel that this is a very greatly acted movie and I think it is a well rounded movie overall. This movie kept me focused on the screen the entire movie and I couldn’t stop laughing no matter what happened. It showed how kids should live and they don’t need all the electronics to have a fun time. I would recommend this movie for all age groups, it is a great family movie for parents and kids. I would rate this movie a 9/10.

John S. is a grade 12 student at FHS who loves movies.


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