John S. goes from SpongeBob to Blake Shelton

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March 11, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Putting John in the Media

My name is John S. I am a seventeen year old attending Fredericton High School. The main way that I consume media is through Music, TV, the internet, and video games. My favorite kind of music is by far country, and my favorite movies to watch would be comedy, and action thriller. I don’t create any media products myself, I just relax and enjoy watching others do the work.

Media History:

spongebobWhen I was a kid I never really spent much time watching TV, but when I did some of my favorite shows to watch would have to be Spongebob Squarepants, Jimmy Neutron, or Fairly Odd Parents. My favorite movie as a kid was probably The Wizard od Oz. It was my mom’s favorite movie and I watched it with her time and time again.


As a kid there were only three types of toys I really played with; Tonka Trucks, Lego and Rescue Hero’s. My favorite of the three would probably have been the rescue hero’s, I would play with these for hours. I had the full set of the action figures along with the tower, jets and boats. I think that the rescue hero’s could have been sexist because I don’t think that there were ever any women rescue hero’s. But both Lego and Tonka trucks neither legowere sexest I believe. I don’t think that these toys make me violent in any way. Since I didn’t watch much TV as a kid I don’t think that any ads influenced me in anyway to get my parents to buy me any of these products.


In the past I used to listen to pop and rock and roll. But now I am a die hard country music fan. If I ever get in my truck I make sure the country station is on and I have it cranked up loud. Some of my favorite artists Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley, George Straight, and Alan Jackson. I really love the rhythm of the music and I love how every song I can catch onto the beat and tap my foot. I love listening to the sounds and I just don’t think anything can compare to it.

Television Now:

There is not really any distinct television show I would rather watch then another but I do think some of my favorites would have to be The Walking Dead, The Simpsons, Criminal Minds, and Bones. I find all these shows very interesting and I think they are all very catch shows. One of my favorite actors of all time would have to be Leonardo DiCaprio, my favorite movie if his and his most recent would have to be The Wolf on Wallstreet. I went to the theaters to see this movie and I absolutely loved it, it was defiantly worth the money. One of my favorite commercials of all time would have to be a Doritos commercial. Where two brother race to get to a bag of Doritios, one on his dog acting like a horse and he lassos the bag and steals them from his brother. I think this is a very funny commercial and I really enjoy watching it.

Online Media:

facebook-logo-thumbs-upGenerally speaking I am only on the internet a very small part of my day. I go on some after school to check out face book, but I am not on twitter or any other social media sights other then face book. I use it to chat with friends, see what new things are happening around school and other then that I don’t spend much time on there, as I would much rather be outside or doing something more productive.

Never on TV:

Personally I don’t really feel that any TV show should be banned from TV all together, I think that the only thing that should be done to TV show that are bad and kids could see should just be set to a later time when children are in bed and their parents or the older teens could be able to see them. If they just moderate when the TV shows are played then I don’t feel the need for any TV shows to be taken off the air completely.

What Will I Learn?:

I mainly took this class to learn how media actually effects my life and the life of my peers. I have heard a lot of good things about this class and it really seems to be living up to expectation. I already had a fascination in the media and I figured that this class was defiantly the place to go to learn more, I am really glad that I made the choice to take this class and I love having you as a teacher.

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