Ferrell, Reilly in-step as Step Brothers

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March 10, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

stepbrosStep Brothers is a must see
By Jeongwoo P.
Step Brothers
Directed by Adam McKay
Colombia Pictures (2008)
Step Brothers is starring Will Ferrell and John Reilly as two unemployed middle aged men who are forced to move in together as their parents marry one another.
39 year old Brennan Huff (Will Ferrell) and 40 year old Dale Doback (John Reilly) are childish grown men that are unemployed and have no intention of finding work. Brennan’s mom Nancy and Dale’s father Robert get married, the two are forced to move in together. The step brothers at first did not get along with another; as they get to spend time with one another they realize that they are alike and eventually become best friends.
Will Ferrell has always been one of my favourite actors since I was a little kid and continues to be one of my favourite! Every movie I had watched him in, he has always made it hilarious and entertaining to watch! In Step Brothers his role playing as Brennan could not have been played any better as an actor!
Director Adam McKay did a terrific job assembling the movie! Not only did he choose the perfect actors for the roles in the movie, he did an excellent job with the atmosphere! The feel of the movie was well complemented with the music and lights! The dramatic music made the scene so much more special and added to the plot very well!
step_brothers_xl_02-film-aThe scene I remember the most had to been when Brennan was destroying Dale’s drum set. The music and special effects the author used made the scene unforgettable and was probably the highlight of the movie!
Step Brothers is a movie you cannot die without watching. The laughs that it will create are priceless! Throughout the movie I was always engaged. The movie is one of the best movies that features Will Ferrell and I highly recommend everyone watching! The movie is intended for a teenage audience. I would have to give a 9/10 rating.
Jeongwoo P. is a grade 12 student who loves Will Ferrell movies!

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