Despicable is likable, says our reviewer

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March 10, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle


Despicable Me Review

By Jesse N.

Despicable Me
Directed by Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin
Released Jul 9, 2010

Within a nice little neighbourhood there’s always that one person who wants to ruin it for everyone, someone who just doesn’t want to get along with others.

The movie is about a good person named Gru trying to act the part of a villain in a almost realistic take on life with some cartoon aspects added to it, but he’s not really good at it. This main character is voiced Steve Carell but it’s done in a way you really wouldn’t have known it was him. Gru competing in a world of villainy needs to top one of the pyramids being stolen by another villain and the main protagonist of the movie named vector.

Vector voiced by Jason Segel is really well done in this movie and he feels like the complete opposite of Gru. So he comes up with the idea of stealing the moon. At this point one of his workers inform him that they don’t have enough money to make it happen and without a loan from the bank what are they to do? So Gru adopts orphan girls to achieve his goal in his fight to be the greatest villain of all time. The movie directed by Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin people who made movies such as “The Lorax” and “Ice Age”.

Gru was very memorable because of his voice. I didn’t really find the voice to be good or really fitting but it’s different enough that when you hear it you’ll be like that it is Gru. I didn’t really like the character Gru because he felt very out of place he felt like he was suppose to be evil but he really never was, he just has mother issues so he became a villain. But saying this the most impactful part of the movie I found was when he was putting the kids to bed, it really showed how it was a good person and not really an evil person he was made out to be.

Vector on the other hand was more memorable for his image and personality he was a villain yet he felt like a happy nerd, someone you wouldn’t expect to be the villain but he played it very well. No one really felt like they were really believable the girls felt like stereotypical characters and vector was felt really fact but cool because of it. Gru felt some what believable because even though he was suppose to be a bad guy deep down he was a nice person and I feel like thats for most people who seem to be bad.

I felt the directors, Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin, did a pretty good job. The characters felt alive in their lines but didn’t feel it as a character tho. If the face expressions were animated better the characters would of felt a lot more like real people. The angles and lighting were done perfectly it was an animation so it’s easier to get that kind of stuff done. I actually thought the music was pretty cheesy and meh. Like the beginning that was being played that introduced Gru showed him for what he was trying to be cool and bad but just not. I felt the story was pretty far fetched and it’s like how can a villain become so good but you can easily see the signs of Gru not really being a villain so thats fine, but the idea of just stealing the moon and what happens is kinda out there even for a cartoon movie.

I felt the whole movie was made by the well done animations in the movie. It was bright colorful, dark when needed to be with greatly made main characters. If you look at a movie like this and look at the main characters they are so much better done than anyone in the background, since they’re only going to be there for a second why put any effort into them is basically how they looked at this, they still looked fine even with the short end of the stick though. I Felt like i’ll remember how Gru looks and the minions but not really anyone else in years time just how they stand out compared to other characters. What was really lacking in my opinion was the songs nothin really popped at me and was like wow this is a great song it really fits and makes the scene but nothing was so bad that it was off putting to the movie.

The movie has a nice childlike charm to it. It looks like it’ll be a lot better than it actually is though. With Gru not being a real villain it isn’t hard to see him take in the kids and vector doesn’t really feel like a big part of the movie. All you really get from the movie is knowing about the minions, which are just cute little people who are just silly and really add nothing to the plot but add everything to the movies charm. I feel for the bad Idea of the movie it’s really well done with some odd ends here and there, but it’s still worth watching just once to see the minions but it’s not really worth watching a second time because it just gets worse and worse from there. I rate this movie 7/10.

Jesse N. is in grade 12. He has watched this movie 3 times and everyone just looks at this movie as if it was such a great movie because of its minions.

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