Batman is worth Billion$$

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March 10, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

batmanGotham’s Hero
By Paul G.

The Dark Knight Rises
Director: Christopher Nolan
Legendary Pictures (2012)

This is the latest film in the Batman trilogy and was one of the most successful movies in 2012. The Dark Knight Rises, alone, sold $1,084,439,099.00 in the box office sales according to Box Office Mojo (
This action packed film is not only about explosions, fighting, futuristic cars and insanely cool gadgets that batman uses, but it tells the story of hope and betrayal. The story essentially comes down to The Dark Knight trying to save Gotham City from total destruction by a villain named Bane and his undercover accomplices. Christian Bale plays Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, and I thought no one has ever played batman better than him. He goes so in depth with the character, I just can’t picture anyone else being Bruce Wayne. The director is Christopher Nolan. The reader will expect a non-stop action thriller, up until the end.
The reason that Christian Bale is my favourite Bruce Wayne is because of his voice, looks and the fact that he’s a bad ass. He goes so in depth with the character, that he makes it believable; so believable that I sometimes forget who he really is. The one scene that sticks out to me the most is when Batman is put in a prison hidden somewhere in the Caribbean called Pena Dura (not named in the film) because he was framed for the murder of Harvey Dent, who is a part of the Gotham City Police. The prison is this huge hole in the ground, and there is no escape; only one person has escaped the prison and it was a young boy. The injured Bruce Wayne must find it deep in himself to escape the prison, but he’s been weakened from an earlier battle with Bane. This is the part where I was fully convinced that Christian Bale was the perfect fit for the role because of his character development. He never loses his character, and when he has to switch between Bruce Wayne and Batman, you can tell that he can act as both.

Christopher Nolan is one of the most successful directors’ of this decade for his Dark Knight films. He co-wrote the screenplay for The Dark Knight Rises with his brother Jonathan Nolan. The whole Batman Trilogy takes place in Gotham City, which is known for its corruption and crime, has a dark setting. The director uses the essence of darkness to apply to the viewer’s senses; to make the mood of the film depressing. The reason for this is that Gotham City is a place where innocent people hide behind a mask of lies. People in Gotham aren’t who they seem to be.

As the film goes on, the setting becomes lighter and lighter, showing the good side in people. This happens because the people of Gotham are under a terrorist attack and they must work together to fight the darkness that has overtaken their city.

The soundtrack in this movie was incredible. There are two scenes that stood out to me. The first is when Batman and Bane fight for the first time, and the only sound you could hear was the water dripping in the sewers and the sound of Batman screaming every time he would throw a punch or get hit. The reason there was no sound was to show defeat; Bane overpowers Batman easily and knocks him out. This is the scene before Bane leaves Batman to suffer in the prison. The second soundtrack I loved was the chant the prisoners do when a felon tries to escape. It’s a chant in an unknown foreign language that means “rise”, because the prisoner would have to climb a huge wall and jump across from one ledge to another. The only people who can make the jump are the ones who are worthy. Bruce Wayne begins his mental and physical training for the jump. They wrap a rope around him to ensure he doesn’t die from the fall. He attempts many times but fails. On his last attempt, a wise doctor in the prison tells him to jump without the rope because it will give him a real reason to make the jump. The chant builds this immense amount of stress and suspense and it makes the viewer jump to the edge of their seats. The computer graphics are first class in this movie. The explosions, fights, flying cars, machine gun motorcycles; you name it; The Dark Knight Rises had it.

This film has gotten great praises from reviewers and I don’t see why it shouldn’t. It is by far my favourite film because of the moral of the story which is corruption and hope. Another reason is because of the acting and screenplay. It’s so well written and every scene keeps getting better. It is non-stop action and there are so many plot twists that happen in the movie that you truly don’t know who the real bad guy is until the end of the film.

The Dark Knight Rises has to be the ultimate film to watch, it is indescribable. You have to watch it yourself to understand the little things that are done well in this production. It is a well-rounded film with great actors, plots and setting. The movie may be action packed, but it also shows how corrupt our government is, whether it is education, health care, the police departments, etc. It also shows how far hope and coming together as a community can save an entire city from nuclear destruction.

 Paul.G. G. Is a Grade 12 student at FHS and loves Batman movies.

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