What is being sold might not be so cool

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February 28, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Not cool dude

by Eric H.

When I was in middle school I often asked myself why I wasn’t “cool”

I wore the same clothes and played the same sports as the other kids but why was I different? Maybe my flip phone was out of style or maybe I just wasn’t fit to be cool. But back then being a 4 foot 8 chubby kid with train tracks for teeth maybe now I understand better. But there is so real definition for what cool is and what cool is not cause thing go in and out nowadays one day its your grandfathers old flannel and the next thing you know everyone in town is wearing one. Is cool a personality? Or maybe just a way for companies to make a quick buck off the suseptable teenage market by labelling things they aren’t selling as uncool or bad?

Today’s society fluctuates and following the trends is almost impossible. So instead of all following one idea we break into sub categories with different ideas of what’s cool each with a different style: The hockey players, the football guys, the hicks, the basket ball guys, the preps, the drama kids and of course the ”weirdos” and the hipsters now maybe you’re thinking no I don’t believe that…..Trust me when I say each group holds their own independent style and traits in their looks. For example hockey players, traditionally long haired, properly dressed guys with a good physique, ball hats and boots. Now as one of them that’s my version of cool but maybe to a basketball player the socks over the pants thing seems like a good idea for some reason that escapes me.

Companies today start trends and follow trend to always stay in popularity with the target group of consumers. A big one that I’ve noticed in today’s media is clothing and beauty companies for women, the stress to be skinny as a rake and look like a model is affecting this teen generations leading to mental illness and eating disorders reaching an all time high. How are we supposed to be that David Beckham or Megan Fox type in reality, the only way for that to happen is if you’re genes fit that type of body which for the most part isnt true.But even when its such an unattainable feat society sells us the value messages that any person in the world can attain that with a certain amount of work which is and will never be the case.

Now in all honesty I fall for these messages and its horrible. This year I bought Doc Martens at the lofty price of 130$ now yes they are good boots and yes they’re stylish but realistically is they weren’t so popular would I have never spend that kind of money on boots. I wear brand name because it gives you a feeling of fitting in and makes you feel good. There will be a day we start a revolution for change when we wont accept what the media puts forward and we will control the media and change it to an attainable reality for the large majority, an ideal of acceptance no matter how we look or what we wear. Because in all reality ”Cool” is only what’s cool to you and if you let media tell you what that is maybe what they’re pushing isn’t so cool after all.

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