The movie for Stephen King’s The Body is worth STANDING for

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February 27, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

stand by meStand by Me reflects our own mortality

A Movie Review by Brittany H.

Stand by Me
Directed by Rob Reiner

“I was 12 going on 13 the first time I saw a dead human being. It happened in the summer of 1959, a long time ago, but only if you measure in terms of years. I was living in a small town in Oregon called Castle Rock. There were only twelve hundred and eighty-one people. But to me, it was the whole world.” A movie about growth, friendship, loss, and growing up in 1950’s America.

From the brilliant mind of Stephen King, came the short story “The Body” which was later adapted into the movie, Stand by Me. It was released in 1986, directed by Rob Reiner, and features incredible actors such as, River Pheonix, Kiefer Sutherland, and Corey Feldman. This movie combines friendship, adventure, the concept of mortality, humour, grief, and more. It’s a classic coming of age movie that depicts what life was like in the late 1950’s, and has been a favourite of mine for many years.

The basic premise of this movie is that a group of 4 friends find out that there is a dead body of a kid their age out in the woods, and they decide to go find it, so they can be shown on TV and be “hereos”. They don’t really understand the reality of the situation until they’re faced with the dead body towards the end of the movie. It’s almost like a game, and when what has happened hits them, it changes them forever. They realize their own mortality, and the main character has to face the real problem in his life.

All of the actors in this movie are great. The characters are all likeable in their own ways, and have unique personalities. They go through a lot of character development through the movie, especially the characters, Gordie and Chris. The friendship that is shown between these characters is really heartwarming and inspiring.

As for the directing in this movie, I think it is absolutley perfect. The voiceover throughout the movie creates an atmosphere as if you’re being told a story, and it makes it easy to understand everything that is going on with the characters and storyline. The music has a perfect nostalgic feel to it; I especially love the opening scene of the movie and the music that is played there. It has the main character as an adult, reminiscing on his childhood, and the music fits perfectly. There isn’t many Special Effects, as this movie was made in the 80’s, and it’s a simplistic movie style, and doesn’t need them.

I would recommned this movie to anyone. I don’t think everyone would neccessarily like it, but I adore it. It makes you laugh, makes you think, and makes you long for your childhood. Some negatives would be that it’s a short movie, and doesn’t have a lot of intense action (if that’s something you look for in movies). I wouldn’t say it’s the best movie, or my absolute favourite, but I do think it’s a great movie that is worth seeing.


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