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February 27, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Me in Media

My name is Lauren S.  I’m seventeen years of age and I am a grade twelve student at Fredericton High School. I enjoy watching television, more so television series on Netflix or the box series you can buy, as I’m too impatient to wait a week in between each new episode. I watch many different television series, however my favourite is One Tree Hill and The Mentalist. I love going to the movie theatres to watch new movies, the atmosphere in the theatre is so exciting and joyful regardless of the genre of film you’re seeing. I enjoy most genres of films and I cannot think of a specific genre I don’t enjoy watching, I suppose it depends on the storyline of the film. I’m always in the mood for a love story or a Rom Com. I tend to listen to whatever music is on the radio, however I don’t agree with most of the messages being advertised in these songs or the references they’re making which most people miss, but I simply think they’re catchy. I love Country music as it always tells a story or sends an important message. I create media most days on Twitter as I’ve been an avid Tweeter since it was first created. At first I loved it most, because no one was on it yet and I was bored with Facebook. I liked that I could freely express how I was feeling or what I was doing without trying to impress people, but then it became very popular and everybody started to care about what others were posting and reading too deeply into the Tweet. I still love Twitter today and have learned not to care what others think, and if they don’t like all of my Boy Meets World or cat Tweets then they can simply unfollow me. I do have a Facebook account, however it’s simply to keep in touch with my family and to share pictures of my cat.

As a child I was a Family Channel kid. I hated all of the other television shows on the other children stations and refused to watch them because Lizzie McGuire wasn’t shown on them. Lizzie McGuire was my all time favourite show simply because Hilary Duff was my role model and still is today. I also watched That’s so Raven, Hannah Montana and whatever else was on. I am very proud to say that my first movie in theatres was Stewart Little and I made my mom sit in the very front row and couldn’t believe how big the screen was and made comments on it every five minutes. I listened to Hilary Duff as a kid and made sure I bought her new CD’s on the day they came out. I also loved the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. I’m guilty of still listening to them all. At the time of Ads being shown I was influenced as I would always need that toy, but as soon as the television show would come back on I would quickly forget about it. I was more influenced by the Sears wish book that came about before Christmas every year, and I would spend days upon days carefully selecting the toys I would ask Santa for.

2008Barbie3-StoryDreamHouseWhen I was a child I played with Barbies and Bratz dolls a lot, as well as Dolls in general and pretend to be their mother. Knowing what Barbie stands for today I would never let my children play with them. They’re all unrealistic and set bad examples for young girls and boys. With Barbie being over six feet tall and under 105lbs she would be unable to stand up and her lungs would collapse. I was an overweight child and I specifically remember one of the Barbie toys I received there was a scale that she would stand on that read 105lbs and then she would proceed to say she needs to lose weight. I would try to starve myself so I would stay under 105lbs as well and this was at a very young age. I vividly remember this specific Barbie ad on television as it constantly made me feel bad about myself. Bratz dolls were very cliquey and that is specifically what would be shown in the television ads for these toys. I don’t believe this sent a good message to young boys and girls – saying you should only be apart of this group with this group of people. There were no toys that influenced me to violence.

While I’m in my car I tend to constantly change the radio station, as I hate listening to radio ads. In my car is where I listen to music the most therefore I tend to listen mostly to Pop. As I get ready for school in the morning I’ll listen strictly to Country Music, as it makes me happy and I can sing along to someone’s story that may or may not relate to me. I will not listen to Led Zeppelin or Bob Marley and other artists like them as their music is far to mellow and carried on for me. It annoys me.

As I don’t tend to watch television on air too much I haven’t seen a television ad in probably more than a year, however I always enjoyed the Dove commercials because they support such an amazing cause. I love Boy Meets World as I’ve been watching it since I was a kid and there are so many life lessons to be learned throughout all of the seasons. I also love The Mentalist because it’s not like other crime shows, it’s different, humorous and tells a story throughout all of the seasons. Even though it’s no longer new episodes, One Tree Hill as it’s extremely relatable and has many real life situations to be learned from. I love Hilary Duff ever since her Lizzie McGuire days; I think she is such an inspirational and talented person. I also love Sophia Bush for the same reasons and Ed Westwick as he is a very attractive and talented young actor.

twitter-logo-birdI use the Internet for school/homework research and Twitter mostly. I don’t use the Internet to watch movies or television shows. In the future I think the Internet could cause a lot of problems to the next couple of generations. I feel like they won’t know the true meaning of research (In libraries/books) and I believe it could easily corrupt them. I know many cases in where children just don’t go outside to play anymore because they can play games online. I know it’s partially the parents fault as they’re letting their children be this way, but I wasn’t introduced to a computer until I was in the second grade, and that was simply to write emails to my grandmother. I understand that the internet and technology has brought a lot of good to our world and culture, but I also believe that it’s doing a lot of harm to the next generations and I fear that they will miss out on a lot of good things.

I believe there are many things that shouldn’t be on television such as Jerry Springer, I don’t understand why anyone would rather solve their problems on national television and be embarrassed than to be mature and settle them amongst themselves. I don’t see any humour in this television show and I think it is very inappropriate. I also don’t understand why shows such as Judge Judy are on the air. If people want to see a court trial, go to your local court house… Especially because any of the episodes I’ve come across are over petty things like a broken window or a torn up couch, who wants to watch that on television, it’s boring and doesn’t make you look very mature. There are many other television shows that I don’t believe should be on the air due to ridiculousness or immaturity but I suppose they wouldn’t be on air if people don’t watch them, which makes you wonder who the heck is watching these shows.

I took this class because I’ve heard nothing but good things from the graduating class of last year and it sounded right up my alley. I love movies and music and television and I always have. I thought I knew so much about the media, but after being in this class for only a week and a half I’ve learned more than I ever thought I would. I’ve even learned things I didn’t realize were part of the media, like the different sounds to go with actions, and the male gaze on television and movies.


I’m so excited about this class and I’m glad I get to start my mornings with it everyday, it’s definitely a class I would recommend to anyone interested in learning about something that is such a large part of our everyday life. I hope to learn as much as I possibly can in this course, and I know I’ll use it in my everyday life after high school.

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