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February 27, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Media versus High School

by Lauren S.
What on earth does it mean to be cool?

Ever since we can remember, schools have been separated into cliques – drama kids, geeks and nerds, jocks, the cool kids and everyone else. Ever since we can remembcliqueser, the media has been full of celebrities who are either sophisticated and calm or wild and crazy, in some cases these two ‘genres’ of fame are fine, but in others they’re not. At the end of the day it comes down to the fact that many young people look up to celebrities and many people in school desire to be friends with the cool kids, yet should these be the people we look up to as cool?
We cannot deny that at some point in our lives we have all looked up to a celebrity, whether it is for their beauty, fame, fortune, style, or philosophy on life. In some cases however, maybe we’re looking up to them for the wrong reasons… Celebrities in the spotlight have a way of not being themselves, and doing as others tell them to do, which have influence on our younger generations. When celebrities party every night, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and weed, and doing other sorts of drugs, yes this may be their choice but they should realize that they have fans of all ages looking up to them and these celebrities are saying this is all okay, this is how to be cool and have fun. Things aren’t much different between celebrities in the media and high school.
In high school from the moment you walk through the doors you’re faced with older grades and cool kids showing off their weekends of partying and drinking all over social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

We start to see this all up close from the young age of 14, sure we hear stories of it from younger ages and see it all in the tabloids but now your very own friends are becoming those cool kids and you’re left the think, is this what will make me cool? I thought, what used to classify the cool kids from everyone else was the partying, drinking and drugs, but now you see that people from each clique is in on this cool factor and it’s not what makes certain people, groups or cliques cool, so what does make you cool?
If partying, drinking and doing drugs don’t make you cool in either the media or high school, then perhaps it’s the fact that everyone is aware of you doing it, where you’re doing it and with whom. Maybe it’s the jealousy of the people who aren’t doing it with them that makes them stereotypically cool. Quite possibly it’s the vibe they give off, knowing that it’s illegal but in today’s society it doesn’t matter. Anyone could analyse this given topic from different points of views for hours on end and I don’t believe they could come to a conclusion.

The media tells us what is cool everyday, whether it’s in the movies we watch, the music we listen to or the celebrities we admire and then it’s left to the audience to bring these cool factors to our everyday society. These cool people we look up to, simply may not be the people we should be looking up too.


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