“Cool” is important when it fills us with aspirations

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February 19, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

What is cool?

by Kristen T.

Cool is a slang word meaning fashion or hip ( merriam-webster) and is a constantly changing. Cool is like beauty because it is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has their own sense of what cool is, there is no real definite answer to what cool is. I believe that “coolness” is the idea that certain things, ideologies and people you have deemed to be ‘cool’ and you aspire to be.

coolI think cool could be separated into two categories: culturally and individual. Cultural
‘coolness’ is when we take ideas from mass culture such as smooth hair, thin body , or clear skin.  Things that are commonly viewed as beautiful or ‘cool’. Then there is individual ‘coolness’  which is when you deem sometime personally ‘cool’ such as a Tv character, certain value,  different fashion sense. I think that age affects how you feel ‘cool’,for instance, a forty year old would not be viewed as cool id they got a new DS or barbie whereas a five year old would be viewed as ‘cool’.As such marketers market different things to different age groups.

Media also plays a big part of what we how we view cultural coolness. As a society we
have certain values that we have imposed on us from a young age. Today we see applethousands of  ads daily, and ads play a big part in saying what is “cool” and what is not. The many tactics marketers get us to get the viewers to buy their product(s). The fun catchy tunes and the funny videos. I think the best marketing team is the apple company . The commercials with justin long,  who represents the Mac OS and then a common office worker to represent Windows, yet Long always seems to be him at whatever they’re talking about. Apple commercials often have the same presentation for years such as the silhouette ads, and the multiple hands ads. They’re are fun and easy going and represent the ideology that fun is ‘cool’ , which has some truth to it.
Those types of ads affect a wide range of people.

I think that ‘cool’ is an individual experience that everyone has to go through and figure
out. That you cannot simply adopt somebody else ideologies on what cool is .cool is unique because everybody has their own ideas and as such you cannot ever truly achieve ultimate cool.


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