“Cool” is contagious and inspiring

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February 19, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Between hot and cold

by Conor D.

Cool is a term relative to each individual and society trying to examine it. To discover the definition of cool you have to put into a proper context. I could spend weeks writing pages on the differences in cool. But to save time and paper, I’m going to narrow down what cool is in my mind. Cool is always deviant: it is different. Cool is selfless, it spreads itself. Cool itself is also a superficial concept.

sheepCool is not being a sheep standing in field full of other sheep that look exactly the same as you. Cool is being a cow in a field of sheep: being different but being relaxed about it, not showing it off to anyone. It does not even involve doing things different just being inherently different. Someone who will do things outside of what is expected of them because they can recognize what is right without society trying to tell them what is right and what is wrong. Someone who goes above and beyond the norms for the sake of themselves, not to show off, is cool.

ahaCool is contagious, it is inspiring. When an idea is cool it spreads to the majority of people in a short period of time. Cool is not being inspired to do something awesome, cool is inspiring others to do something awesome. If it does not make others want to go and do something similar to it or anything at all, it is not cool.

The concept of cool is in itself a selfish, judgemental word. I know what is cool to me , but not what is cool to others. We give something or someone the label cool and put them above everything else. We are really rating things and people on a scale from one to cool and that itself is not cool.

Cool is not just the stage between chilly and lukewarm, it is a web of different perceptions, differences and ideals. Cool is being selfless and different, but cool itself is not so cool.


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