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February 18, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Cooler Than The Ocean
By Jesse N.

What is cool? That’s a very good question, in my mind cool is a lowish temperature not too warm not too cold. It’s getting on the chilly side but it’s still nice enough to enjoy. You know the kind of feeling you get when its just below lukewarm, the feeling you want even for a brief second on a warm summer day. You’ll know what cool is when you you’ll wear a hoodie outside when it’s too cold to wear just a t-shirt. Oh, you were hoping for the other cool, uhh.
Let me re ask that question.What is cool? Well cool can be more than just one thing as you can now see from the first paragraph. Cool is when you’re in a sticky situation and you just need to lay low, a feeling where you stay calm in a situation that may be hard to handle. Cool is when you have self control, you know what you’re going to do. Let’s say you just beat up some kid for his lunch money and the teachers checking in with you to see if it was you. You know it was you, they think its you, and you just lay low, be calm and stay “cool” so they don’t figure out it was you. But it doesn’t matter if it was you, you know that kid deserved it. And this is what it means to be cool. Wait… you meant the other cool? How many times is this going to happen before I get it right.

fonzieOk one more time. What is cool? Well, cool is is wearing leather jackets and punching jukeboxes to make them work. Ok in all seriousness cool is kind of what you want it to be. It’s not one said thing or way, it’s something that find impressive, something of higher quality, something that’s unique, that makes us go wow thats cool. What people see as cool changes because you and the world is evolving at all times. What can be seen as cool can be overdone and thrown to the side as if it was nothing. The harlem shake is a good example of this, it was something innovative, something different, something fun, unique, and just plain out corky, and it had the possibility to be very well done. But as time goes by people lose interest in such things, not everything stay cool forever, it’ll no longer be unique or different it’ll just be the same cheesy thing over and over again.

What we find cool is usually influenced by the media, we want to be like the famous kids and computerpeople in the world. If someone like Justin Beiber started doing something new I don’t care what just something different people will want to be like him, they’ll see it as cool. People want to be like the people they see they want to be what’s in, what’s hip, what the famous people are doing. Sometimes it goes the other way around though. Sometimes it starts off with a no one, who did something cool I don’t know what something innovative that everyone wants to be like. Then the media will recognize it work around it, this example works with the harlem shake again it wasn’t a famous person doing something and the people copying it was a person making a random song and it being used in a video. People found that video cool because it was new and different something that others were able to do. For it being easy to do and people enjoyed it, people spread it all over the media making it bigger and bigger until the world grew tired of it.

Basically what i’m trying to say cool is what you believe it to be, it’s something that people still want to do or achieve, something that is different and unique to itself. It’s also a temperature and a emotion don’t you forget that. I didn’t want to just give things that I find cool because that’d be defeating the purpose of finding out what cool was. Remember y’all just keep being y’all.


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