Cool? People like you better if you are true to yourself

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February 18, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

What is “Cool”
Nathan H.

How can you define “cool”? Cool can be anything. It can be used to express how you are feeling. Like “Hey how are you feeling?” “I’m cool”. Cool can be used to describe attitude or style. It can simply be being yourself. Like when you ask your parents how do I fit in? The most common response giving, be yourself and people will like you. However does that really make you “cool”? Or is the true definition of “cool” relays on the eyes of the beholder. What is cool to one person may be uncool to another. Breaking down cool is not an easy task because “cool can be anything.”
The perception of cool can be split up through different ages and interest. For an harleyexample, take a man in his forties and ask him what kind of motorcycle he thinks is cooler. Most of the time he would choose a cruiser like a Harley because Harleys are meant for middle aged men. They are advertised by the media to appeal to older consumers. However ask a sixteen year old what motorcycle they find cooler, most of the time he or she will choose a sports bike.motorcycle 2 Sport bikes are advertised to appeal to young consumers. They are made to appear cool. In this case the perception of cool was split up in age groups. However in way the media can dictate what is cooler for the consumer. The media told the sixteen year old that the sports bike was cooler for him for whatever reasons. Along with the man in his forties was told that the cruiser was cooler for whatever reasons.
Clothing is a major deal when it comes to cool. It seems everyone has to have the latest styles. What cloths that were cool last year are different then this year. It changes all the time. Companies make so much money off the changing styles as well. They take advantage of the media to convince the consumers that there new style of jeans are cooler then there old style.

How do you even be cool? Most say “be yourself”, but is being you going to attracted everyone. People will certainly like you better if you were yourself then being fake. However are they going to be attracted to the person they are.

Are they going to want to be your friend and hangout with you? Most of the time no. Someone who loves sports and plays sports all the time isn’t going to find someone who is deep into comics cool. They both have completely different interest and what they find cool is different. However their friends will think there cool and isn’t that what truly maters. How the people that are close to you find you cool.
What is “cool” relies on the individual and their interest and believes. Cool aren’t the popular people at school. It’s what you like. Perception is different amongst different ages and groups. The media has strong influence on what is cool and what you should do to be cool. The media targets different ages and groups and advertise what would be appealing to the diversities. There is no simple definition of cool. Cool is in the eyes of the beholder.


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