Being cool doesn’t mean trying to impress, it means being you.

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February 18, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

What’s Cool?

by Paul G.
Being “cool” can be defined in many different ways, depending on the point of view you look at it. The three POV’s that will be discussed are the media, yourself and fellow peers. Cool to some people are having the latest video game, making a fashion statement or anything the impresses another person. Having the latest stuff nowadays, in society’s eyes, makes you cool. The question is, is that really acceptable?

What I’m trying to say is that if a person doesn’t have the new iPhone 5s or a new pair shoesof J’s, people get looked at as if they’re the minority; Having that feeling has happened to most people at some point and no one wants the feeling of being left out. WE, as a society, have let “cool” determine who we are as a person and it’s not the humane thing to do.
The media depicts how people should dress and look through magazines, social media, the internet, etc. but the sad thing is people try so hard to look like them and fit in. Children, teenagers, young adults, all look up to famous people who are in those magsmagazines and they would run through a brick wall just to look like them. The media has the power to show society what cool is and influence people into what they should be wearing over what they really want to wear. Coolness is what models, celebrities, athletes, and other famous people wear or do. If Justin Bieber wore a Dora sweater with a sombrero, I’m pretty sure young girls would want to see guys dress like him. They influence what society thinks is truly “cool”.
The aspect I love about people is when they make a fashion statement and step out of their comfort zone to look different than what others are wearing and doing. It differentiates them from others and I find that cool. Being you is cool, nobody likes a copycat. Everyone is different and being different and weird is, you could say, “the new cool”. People usually get bullied or stared at for this, which I really despise, but people who express themselves are usually the bravest ones.
shoes 2Stepping into other people’s shoes is always fascinating. To understand what they truly see and feel can change a person and help influence them to change. When someone does something or dresses a certain way, sometimes they think about how others would think instead of how they really feel about what their wearing. I’m sure most people are like that, I know I am. When I dress up in the morning, I usually think of how people would think of how I am dressed; One day that all changed when my brother gave me a lecture on dressing myself and not caring what others think. That’s what cool should be all about; wearing what you want and doing what you want that impresses others, but to a certain extent. Miley Cyrus took the whole ‘cool’ thing a little too far, but that’s just who she is and people should respect that.

The definition of the word cool according to Google is “fashionably attractive or impressive.” My definition is to be yourself, to a certain extent, but that’s just me. You simply cannot give the word cool a real definition.


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