When people talk about cool, are they giving their perception or what everyone else thinks?

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February 17, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

What is “cool”

by Matt R.

When people talk about what is cool, are they giving their own perception of what cool is, or are they basing it off of what everyone else thinks?

kids TVIt is hard to say what cool really is, because each individual has their own perception of what the word really means. Not only is meaning of “cool” different with each person, but what people think is “cool” changes over time. In my opinion, “cool” is something that is always changing because, society is always changing. I believe that the media does not tell us what’s “cool”, I believe we tell the media.
When something becomes “cool” it is usually because of an ongoing popularity in a trend. Most often, it is young people who begin these trends. When the media hears about these trends, I believe that media tries to spread these trends from young people to all other ages. When the media does this, the trend begins to die off or doesn’t become cool anymore. Before climate change was a big issue, car commercials used to say that their car would go from 0-60 in 6 seconds, now car commercials tell you how Eco friendly or fuel efficient their car is now. I believe that it is young people who are most concerned with climate change because it will be our generation that will be effected mostly, and this is why car commercials have turned from the speed, to the fuel efficiency.

I do believe media does tell us what is “cool” in a sense. If you ever watch a music video and everyone is drinking beer, they are all drinking the same kind. So perhaps the media is telling us that it is cool to drink that type of beer or wear a certain style of clothing.
Everyone has their own idea of what cool is. If you were to ask teenagers what their idea of “cool” is, each person would have a different answer. For me, my idea of “cool” is anything that has to do with the woods. When I am in the woods, seeing things that I don’t get to see every day is what I find “cool”. For example, something as simple as seeing a bald eagle grab a fish out of water or seeing a coyote chase a rabbit, that is really what “cool” is to me. Not what clothes are in style or what music is popular; those things are not important to me.

eag;eThe reason I find wildlife and things like that cool is because it is not controlled by me, it’s something bigger than me. Another thing that I find “cool” is anything that involves the police or the fire department. This is going to sound strange, but emergency departments are what I find “cool”. Helping people, that’s what “cool” is in my books.

My view on what is “cool” in music has not changed, I listen to classic rock, and country, always have, always will. But what is “cool” in music is constantly always changing. Fifty years ago what was popular then is a snore to most people now.

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