Despite what the media says, the coolest kids are not jocks or cheerleaders

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February 17, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

What is “Cool”?
By Ainslee M.

Urban Dictionary defines “cool” as an adjective referring to something that is very good, stylish, or otherwise positive. I think this is a fairly good representation as to what is cool nowadays, however, something being considered cool isn’t always positive. People that are considered cool tend to be at the top of a social hierarchy. This could be not-coolbecause they are very wealthy, party hard, are smart, do drugs, throw great parties or simply because they are a good person.

The media has a great impact on what people think is cool and it portrays a great deal of differences as to what is cool. It ranges from shows like The Big Bang Theory in which the majority of characters think that everything cool involves science, math, Star Wars or anything related to science fiction, to shows like Gossip Girl in which the cool people are the wealthy upper East Siders who throw lavish parties and summer in the Hamptons. Even within certain shows or movies there are conflicting ideas as to what cool is. Such as in the movie RV when the fathers idea of a great family trip would be spending it traveling across the U.S in an RV, whereas his two teenage kids would rather do anything than spend the summer with their family in an RV.

The vast majority of shows and movies being directed towards teenagers show the cool kids as being the jocks or cheerleaders when in reality that is a far cry from the truth.

The media really tries to persuade people to believe that certain things are cool and certain things are not. Although what is considered cool depends on the person the media will still try to convince people otherwise. I would say that the media would have the greatest impact on teenagers. When you are in middle school and/or high school the majority of people would do whatever it takes to be cool and be close with the “in” crowd. This could mean buying anything that is shown in advertisements (no matter the price), or giving up basically all your values and going against things you may have once believed in. This is greatly due to the fact that most schools are broken into very distinct cliques. Just like they are in television shows and movies. The cliques are usually in a social hierarchy of some sorts. Although adults would hate to admit this, it is the sad truth.

be coolI believe that what is cool depends on certain people and their interests. Your age and your background should have a great impact on what you consider to be cool. However, this is not always the case due to the media presenting false views and unrealistic ideologies about what cool is. Teenagers greatly rely on the media to inform them what is cool and this is not always a positive thing. If teens see people in shows doing drugs and constantly partying, what should stop them from doing that too and becoming cool as a result? Being cool is greatly valued by some people and they will go to various extremes to become this. I think this is wrong.

I believe that people should all be entitled to their own idea as to what cool is and not let people sway their opinion. You should find people that feel the same way as you and share similar interests as you and spend your time with them as opposed to constantly trying to impress other people in order to become “cool”. To me being cool is being yourself, and actually caring about the people you love. I do not believe in being someone you’re not in order tp be cool.

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