Rob clicks with LEGO, opens Doors to his music

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February 13, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

February 10th 2014

Media as Seen and Enjoyed by Rob H.
My name is Rob. I am a seventeen year old high school student. I generally consume media in music, movies, TV, the internet, and video games. I don’t really prefer one genre of movies to another, however my favourite movie would defiantly be Apocalypse Now, and Taxi Driver would be a close second. I also love to listen to music, generally rock or rap, however rock is preferred. I do not create any media products, I just enjoy them.

Media History:

spongebobWhen I was a kid, I usually watched a lot of TV. My favourite show was probably Mythbusters or SpongeBob, both of which I still highly enjoy. I do not recall my first movie, although I highly suspect that is was Monsters Inc. in the theatres. I was not really influenced by ads for toys on TV, as none of the toys were anything that I was interested in playing with.

I played with mainly two types of toys when I was a kid: Tonka Trucks, and Lego. I legodon’t believe that either were sexist, though at the time I didn’t know what ‘sexist’ was. Neither of which influenced me to violence, unless building fighter planes and guns out of Lego with my friends counts as ‘violence’. I don’t think that Tonka ever had any ads on TV, as I don’t recall ever seeing one. Lego ran ads on TV I remember, though I cannot recall what exactly they depicted.
DoorsI generally listen to rock music now. The Doors are my favourite band, with the Rolling Stones and Queen as runners up. I listen to older music because I think that it is of a higher quality in everything from the way it sounds to lyrics and their meanings. I try to not listen to music that comes out now, because I don’t think it is very good, and find the singers are obnoxious and irritating.
Television Now:
I do not have a favourite show on TV. Some that I really like are Community, The Walking Dead, Archer, and South Park. My two favourite actors are Edward Norton and Leonardo DiCaprio. I think that Edward Norton is a hugely underrated actor that has a quiet dignity about him, and he is excellent in all of his movies. Leonardo DiCaprio is also amazing in all of his movies, most of which are great. My favourite ad on TV is the Doritos Super bowl commercial in which a man buys a goat, and they eat Doritos together. However, the goat keeps eating and annoys the man, so he hides all of the Doritos and this prompts the goat to assault him.

Online Media:
Twitter2I generally use the internet to go on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. My other primary use for the internet is to read the news, which I get off of BBC or Al-Jazeera. I only recently started to watch movies online, as I could never find a reliable site to do so. I use one called Viooz, and they have every movie that I have looked up thus far, which is great. Personally I’m not too sure about the future of the internet. I imagine it still will be a widely used device, however I don’t know how much it will change over the years, as I think everything that can be done to it has been done.

Never on TV:
Personally, I think censorship is ridiculous and a suppression of rights. I don’t really think anything should be banned from TV, unless it pushes graphic boundaries, like a snuff film or something equally horrifying. However, if a graphic show was part of a news broadcast about an event happening in the world, than I think the situation would be different, as people have a right to know about things going on around them, because not enough do.
What will you learn:

I took this class because of a scheduling conflict between Journalism and Political Science. I chose Political Science over Journalism, and was now left with an empty period. I had wanted to take Media Studies, but had already maxed out my course load. However I now had an empty spot and took the class. Due to my immense love and fascination with movies, I would like to learn about them. I would also like to learn about advertising and messages in TV broadcasts.


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