Jordan In The Media

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February 12, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

My name is Jordan S. Im 17 years old and go to Frederericton High School. I consume a lot of media in my life from television, internet, radio, youtube etc. My favourite television shows are Breakout , Locked up Abroad, Lost. My all time favourite movies are Fast Five , Holes, Bruce Almighty, Dumb and Dumber. The genre of movies i like to watch are comedys.I find if im laughing im going to enjoy whatever it may be. Music is also a big factor of media in my life. I really enjoy all types of music from Country to Hiphop , rap , dubstep. I have made some media myself, i made a few youtube videos in the past.

DisneyGrowing up , I seem to watch a lot of Disney Movies. My parents bought all the classic Disney Movies for the VCR. I watched a little bit of T.V like barney and teletubbies. My favourite music as a kid was Simple Plan and Sum 41. I got to see Simple Plan when i was younger too. Adveristment as a child made me buy alot of toys. Seeing kids on t.v having lots of fun with this new toy or gadget really made me excited and i probably got my mom to buy them for me.
I played alot with little cars and trucks. I feel they were a little sexist because it was normal for the boys to be playing with these toys. In Advertisment this was the cast to when they were adversting toy cars it would be boys playing with them. Some Advertising i think does promate voilence such as today video games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. I remember back seeing ads for toy gun and boys shooting each other with them.
Like i said before, I like to listen to all sorts of diffrent types of music. Country and Rap are my favourite. I seem to listen to diffrent things in diffrent enviroments. If im driving then Country Music , and if im working out or with my friends then Rap and if im partying or a dance then dubstep. Music i wont listen to is old 20s 30s music. I find this music very boring and kills my ears to listen to.
lostMy favourite show on T.V is Lost the series. My favourite actor is probably Shia LaBeouf because i find him very funny in Transformers and Holes. He also stars in a lot of movies i like. My favourite Ad on T.V right now is the geeco commerical where the bodybuilder is direction traffic.
twitter-logo-birdThe Internet is probably the biggest part of Media i use. I am a active user on Facebook and Twitter and also like to browse kijiji and youtube videos. I watch Netflix all the time so watching movies on the Internet is a pretty daily basic thing. I feel the Internet will take over the world in the Future. I can see the Internet being everything. People will order everything online even pizza deliverys, cloths, cars, etc.
I think Maury should have never been on T.V because all it talks about is “whos the father” and about people “13 year old girl having sex with 50 so people”. I dont feel this is a good thing for the genral population to watch because it gives people the impression that this is the norm and it isnt that big of a deal.

I took Media Studies 12 because i thought it would be a very Interesting class. Many of my friends took it in the past and i havnt heard 1 negative thing about it. Everyone seemed to have a great time going to class and doing there work. I hope to learn many things in this course and get a great mark that will help me get to University.


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