Jesse recognizes how we are swimming in media.

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February 12, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

What I am (Within the Media)
By Jesse N.

A little bit about myself

Why hello there, My names Jesse and i’m 17 years old. I only consume media
provided by the internet, which is basically everything in the world. I don’t watch tv or movies, I don’t really have a reason why it’s just not my thing. If I did watch tv shows or movies I’d probably want it to be a comedy or a horror. This is because if If I was looking for information I wouldn’t go  to such an unreliable source where I can’t get much information or see peoples opinions about, all I could get from these things are a quick laugh or a fright. Music is something that’s highly overlooked by everyone but everyone also has an opinion on it. I like all kinds of music. Why?  You may ask I like music that sounds good, thats well made, that performs what it’s suppose to  perform. If a country song is done well and sounds great I’ll enjoy it its not what i’ll go looking for  but they’re be nothing wrong with it, same with any other genres. Even though I don’t really try to  be part of the media everything I do on the internet kinds of points are it, sharing pictures, posting thoughts and ideas, sharing and creating products all tie me to it.

Media History

spongebobAs a kid I watched basically only cartoons, I mostly enjoyed shows like Spongebob or
Fairly Odd Parents because they were quite entertaining and not as dumb as other kid shows.  When I was a kid I was very limited to what I actually could watch because we didn’t have many  channels, so I never really watched any old Family or Teletoons shows. I’m pretty sure the first  movies I watched were Disney movies such as Lion King and Mulan, because my Mom enjoyed  those kind of movies and they were good for kids to watch.  When I was in elementary school I really don’t remember much of what I listened to, it  was mostly just what ever was playing on the radio, or what my brother or parents would play.  As I reach middle school I had more of my own taste of music I’d listen to alot of Billy Talent,  Three Days Grace, and Linkin Park, It was good music and it was more mature at least as like a  11 year old it felt like it. In the later years of middle school I started to move to more electronic  music and thats where i’m still at now.  Most of the toys I got as a kid were influence by some kind of dvertisement, because I  was an uneducated kid not knowing what he wanted, saw something cool on tv, of course i’d  want it.

Music Choices

Music is a really big thing to me and not at the same time. I love to listen to music
I listen to so much music of different varieties. I mostly listen to EDM which is electronic dance  music which is a broad name of basically every genre of electronic music such as House,  Electro, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, etc, there are so many great genre of music that are produced.  With todays day and age electronic music is advancing so quickly and so beautifully, everyday  you can find new artists from the internet starting small with nothing just trying something new  and then months later become big stars. The industry is always changing and its wonderful in  that sense and people can pull out new things on songs and completely change everyones view.  In this kind of view I grew to love every kind of music because there can be good from every kind even tho you don’t enjoy some of the genres, also what people don’t understand about music is  just because you don’t like it, it doesn’t make it bad, genres and songs can be very well Edmdone and  be really good and you still not like it. What I hate is since dubstep has been more  commercialized because skrillex became well known known people will say they hate dubstep  when referring to non dubstep song and they’ll use excuses as it’s dubstep so I hate it. When  they have no reason to hate it and they’re proving their reasons wrong. I love lots of  artists/groups such as Tristam, Vicetone, Hardwell, Tiesto , Skrillex , Shotek, Savant, The  Chainsmokers, Afrojack, Keys n Krates, Zedd, the list goes on and on I just love edm. I love the  feel of songs, I love how they can be anything, how it can be so deep to something thats some  upbeat club music, something thats so cheerful and happy or intense. I don’t care if people agree on what I think of music I just love it, if they hate it that’s fine, I try my best to promote little artist  who don’t get heard so that they get heard, so times people just need a helping hand a little bit of  shares could make the difference between a little guy who knows what hes doing to a top  producer with lots of money, remember to support the artists you love, even if you don’t buy the  songs, ever share, like , comment , etc, helps!


yugiohI can’t really recall the different toys I played with as a kid, but I know most of it was to do  with marketing. I do remember some big things that everyone around my age would play or at  least have, Yugioh  cards, Beyblades, Digimon, Pokemon, just to name a few. I wasn’t really the  brilliance of the toys it was more of having a show to go with it, instead of just having a  commercial about these set toys they’d have a whole show set around it so you didn’t feel like you were just buying into the toys you wanted to be like the characters from the show you,  wanted to become the best. Even though I never bought Barbies or anything of that manner  those were big then as well. You can try to relate sexist traits to what you’re kids played with but  really it wasn’t sexist at all, is it sexist if you boy wants a truck so you buy him a truck, while a girl
wants a doll so you buy a doll. That’s not always the case but that’s more of the line how things  go and then people try to add a deeper meaning behind what the kids got so they feel better  about themselves. On that note did they toys influence violence I’d say some violence was at  fault of the toys but very little, nothing about the toys encourages kids to do something it’s the  unaware kid that thinks those things are reality so they can do it as well or atleast they should do  it.

Television Now

Television, I don’t really watch much tv at all anymore, I probably watch about 1 hour of tv  in about three weeks. I don’t really know why I gave up on watching tv, and by watching tv I don’t  even watch the shows on Netflix, the internet or anything. In saying this I don’t have a favorite tv  show and if still watched tv I wouldn’t easily be able to pick a favorite tv show because there  would be reasons why I like some but I’m not really good at picking a favorite. The internet  provides so much better things than tv shows theres really no point in sitting down and watching  a show.
Why is this a thing  Since I don’t watch TV I shouldn’t really get a choice in what should or shouldn’t be on it.  But I really hate “fake” reality shows. The shows where they are doing something illegal and  recording it to put on tv. How do people watch these shows, you know it can’t be happening or  the people in the show would be arrested after like the first episodes, you see the people hide  from the cops, etc, like why, WHY! I really don’t understand how people can enjoy shows like  this.

Online Media

InternetI’m constantly on the internet at all times, it’s always changing and becoming more and
more each day. Unlike tv the content you see is everything you want you chose what you’re  looking for and you’ll get stuff related to what you want to see. The internet is so powerful  because anything can put anything, the possibilities are endless. I don’t want movies on the  internet but a lot of people do, I think that’s actually an amazing source for income that people  aren’t trying hard enough to make a thing, things like netflix is a good idea of what I mean but they  can do so much more. Instead of how people do it now with stealing movies and streaming them  for free on the internet the companies could upload the movies for free for everyone to watch and  spam ads all across it so that they make more money off of it than actually selling the movie and
people will be able to see these movies for free so everyone wins. A problem with that idea is a  lot of people use adblock, adblock is a plugin that… blocks ads, but with alot of new ads and  websites they are able to still play the ads over adblock or put the ads right into the videos so you  won’t be able to skip it. So that’s definitely going to a market at some point in time using the  internet because it’s already used in free games and apps on phones and tablets. On the  internet I usually use social media sites, play games, and watch video/ listen to music, mostly  like everyone else, I use adblock so while I do these things I don’t get advertisements to see  random sites, unless i’m looking for them. The way I use the internet is going to change in a
couple of years because ads will play more and more role in the future and then they’ll sell you  adblocks for certain websites so they make money that way instead of just making money from  the ads, so you lose, lose either way if you use adblock.

What will you learn?

Why did I take this class? I heard great things about the class how it was fun and unique.  I wanted change from the average class, I wanted to learn more about the media, even though  we’re all surrounded by it we’ve never really been explained what it is or how it’s affecting us in  our everyday lives. I’d like to learn how certain things in the media really makes something pop  and become big what makes one thing better than another thing, what makes an ad successful.  “Remember Y’all just keep being Y’all”


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