Nathan prefers Netflix to regular TV

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February 11, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Putting the “Me” in Media

by Nathan H.

My name is Nathan. I’m 18 years old. Most media I contain are ads of course because there are ads everywhere. A lot of ads I see are on my Facebook. Those ads include boxing, and motorcycles. I don’t tend to watch a lot of TV, mostly because of the commercials. I usually watch shows on my computer with Netflix. However if I am to watch something on TV it would be sports like boxing or MMA. Or I will watch The Big Bang Theory. I watch a lot of movies. I am a big movie person. My favorite movies include Jarhead, Full metal Jacket, and Pain and Gain. My favorite genre of movies is action, horror and war. I’m not usually picky involving the movies I watch. The music I listen to is metal, rock n roll, rap and country.

Media History
As a kid my parents were very selective of what I watched. They did not let me watch anything that would be unsuitable for my age. Of course as a little kid I wanted to watch anything I wanted and I didn’t understand why they screened my viewing. However I remember watching shows like Rescue Heroes, and Bay Blades. They were always my favorite shows. Every time I saw a toy commercial I would get really excited. And I then would want that toy. I don’t recall listening to music very much as a child nor do I remember my first movie. I do remember my first horror movie though. fridayIt was Friday the !3th. I really enjoyed it. And it was the start of my interest in horror movies.

I loved toys when I was a kid. I mostly played with Hot Wheel cars, model cars, rescue heroes, army men, and Max Steel dolls. Normal male kid toys. I also loved playing with toy gun and swords. I don’t think the toys ever made me violent. An aggression I did have I could express through play and imagination. I can remember all the toy ads as a kid. I loved when they came on TV. I would get very excited and tell my parents to come watch them so they knew what toys to get me for Christmas and birthdays.

Music Choices
I will usually listen to any music if the lyrics are good and the beat and rhythm are nice. However I mostly listen to rick n roll and some metal. Sometimes rap and sometimes country. I like the rap and metal because it is great t work out to. I listen to rock n roll because I always likes it and same with country. I will not listen to hip hop or anything that sounds whinny like Lil Wayne or Justin Bieber. They are my least favorite artist because I think their music is just terrible. Its repetitive the lyrics don’t usually have a meaning, and both artist have trouble with the law.

Television Now
I don’t watch a lot of TV anymore. I found as I matured I didn’t have much of an interest in it as I used too. I use to watch way too much TV. Now I rather be doing sports and if I do want to watch something, I will find it online. I do however enjoy watching the Big Bang Theory online. My favorite actors would include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Jona Hill. I have many more favorite actors, but to many to list. I mainly like actors who have something different about them and are original. I can’t really say I have an ad I like. I find most very annoying.

Online Media
netflixI use the internet to mostly research, shop for motorcycle parts, YouTube, Facebook and Netflix. I watch pretty much all my movies online. It is so much easier and faster. Providing you have a good anti vires program on your computer online movie streaming is great. I think the future of the internet will be about where it is now. However I believe people will be buying almost everything offline at some point. Online shopping is growing more an more.

Never on TV
What I think should never be on TV is paid for events like a boxing match on paper view. If you are already paying a service provider you shouldn’t have to pay more for something. I think most things that are on TV are okay providing age group restrictions and having certain things on at different times so certain viewers can’t see it. I do strongly believe though true censorship relies on the parents, if it is your child you should be responsible for what they see at young ages.

What will you learn
I originally took this class because I didn’t want to take sociology. My friends told me it is a great class and very fun. So I decided to try it. I am really glad I did. I didn’t realize how interested in the media I was until starting the class. I hope to learn as much as I can on messages and secrets that go into advertising. However I never know what to expect.

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