Karly P talks about the Media of “ME”

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February 11, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

twitter-logo-birdFebruary 10th, 2014 
Putting the “Me” in Media
My name is Karly P. I am eighteen years old. I really enjoy using Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. My favourite television shows are Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill. My favourite movie is The Notebook as I really enjoyed Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams acting. My favourite genre also happens to be romantic comedies which the Notebook would fall under. Music is something that I would not be able to live without. I listen to music everyday whether I am in my car, around the house or in the shower. I love finding new artists and songs to listen to, and I am very open to different styles of music. My favourite music however is accoustic relaxed songs. I do not create any media products.
Media History
BarneyWhen I was young, I remember watching Barney and Sesame Street. Some of the first movies I watched were Jurassic Park and Veggie Tales. When I was really young, I grew up listening to Deanna Carter, The Dixie Chicks and John Mayor. When I became older, I began listening to people who I saw on the T.V such as the Back Street Boys, Hannah Montana and Jesse McCartney. When I was six years old, I asked for a singing and dancing doll for Christmas. I wanted it very badly because I saw the commercial for it on television and it looked really cool. I was definitely influenced by ads for toys.
I played with Barbie’s, Poly Pockets and Pokémon cards. Looking back, I would not say that the toys I played with were sexist however they were definitely gender specific. The toys I played with definitely did not lead me to violence. Kids today however are exposed to inappropriate T.V shows and video games. I remember seeing commercials and ads for the toys that I played with. My mom took myself and my siblings to Toys R Us where we could spend hours playing and looking at all of the toys.
Music Choices
I have a very open mind to music. My preferences of music depend on my mood, the time of day and where I am- though I could listen to slow accoustic music any time of the day. I enjoy this style of music because it is relaxed and easy to listen to. It always puts me in a good mood and I can usually relate to the lyrics. Some of the music I do not enjoy is metal music and certain pop music. I find metal music very dark and depressing while pop music has turned into a style that is merely auto tuned voices that sing other peoples songs. I find it very repetitive and annoying.
Television Now
GREYS anatomyMy favourite show on T.V is Grey’s Anatomy. It is a fast-paced and interesting show that always has a good story line with real life situations. My favourite actors are Melissa McCarthy and Matthew Grey Gubler. Melissa is an actress for many movies but also stars on “Mike and Molly” and she is funny in everything that she does. If you can make me laugh, I am pretty much sold. Matthew Grey Gubler is one of the main actors of the uprising show, “Criminal Minds.” I enjoy watching him as he is extremely intelligent but also has a goofy and fun side to his character. My favourite ad on T.V right now is the Swiffer commercial with Morty and Lee. It is bound to make you smile.

Online Media
i phoneBecause of the advancements in cell phones today, I can basically do everything online on my IPhone. When I use the internet on my laptop, it is usually to online shop or send emails that have documents attached. I used to watch movies online; however I now have Netflix that is connected to my TV. It is scary to think about the future of the internet. With the technology that is being used and discovered, the internet is capable of almost anything.
Never on TV?
In my opinion, wrestling should not be on TV. It is portraying violence and inappropriate actions that can be viewed by young kids. It is allowing fighting to be considered socially acceptable and even encouraging it. Personally, I do not find it entertaining and do not see the point of it.

What will you learn?

I took this class because it seemed very interesting. It also pertains to my field of study that I will be pursuing- public relations. Next year when I take my public relations degree, it will be important for me to have knowledge of the media. I did not take this class to learn anything specific; I am open to learn and talk about anything and everything. I am excited however to look at the media at different perspectives and deconstruct it.


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