From Spongebob to Kanye and Drake

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February 11, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Putting Jeongwoo into the media

About myself
My name is Jeongwoo P. I am a seventeen year old student attending Fredericton High School. Mostly I connect with the media through the internet, especially YouTube. I enjoy watching television in my spare time, I usually watch sporting events! I enjoy watching action and adventure movies, I also love watching comedy movies! I like to listen to all kinds of music, but however the type of music I like to listen changes depending on what mood I am in.

Media History

spongebobAs a little kid I loved watching Spongebob Squarepants like every other kid my age, I also liked to watch Jimmy Neutron and Fairly Odd Parents! My first movie I watched was “Star Wars” after watching the first movie it got me hooked and I continued watching the rest of the series. As a kid I always liked to listen to a lot to the “Beatles” and to the “Back Street Boys”. Whenever I was little and there were advertisements on T.V. I always had to have it, I was a big fan of Tamagotchis and owned many of them!

legoAs a kid I played with a lot of Lego; building houses, cars and people was a hobby of mine. Looking back I do think playing with Lego could have been looked at being sexist, girls tend to play with dolls and Barbie’s and the boys played with cars and Legos. I don’t think the toys I played with influenced me to violence , I think video games such as “Call Of Duty” and “Halo” I used to play influenced violence to me and other kids. I always remembered seeing the latest Lego collection being advertised and I always had to get it!

Music Choices
I enjoy listening to any kind of music, however I have been listening to Drake and Kanye West more lately. The beats to their songs are always catchy and pleasant to listen to. I most likely would not listen to any screamo music, I am not a huge fan of listening to people scream and yell and I would defiantly not listen to it in my spare time!

Television Now
My favourite T.V. show would be Sportscentre and E: 60, it keeps me up to date in the sporting world and it is also a joy to watch. I don’t have a favourite actor or actress, I usually tend to watch the movie if it looks good in the trailer. I don’t have a favourite ad on T.V. I regularly don’t pay attention to ads.

On-line Media
netflixI usually use the internet for education purpose, the internet is an easy source to obtain information for school or any other use. I also use the internet for entertainment use such as; Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, etc… I think our future is going to involve all around the internet, as our society is growing fast in the technology innovations soon everything is going to be accessible through the internet.

Never on T.V.
I believe that adult films and related should not be on T.V. There’s too many young viewers that may watch it and it is unacceptable for them. Older viewers may enjoy it but it shouldn’t be on T.V. where little kids can see it.

What will you learn?

I took this class because I wanted to learn more about what’s going around the media. I would like to learn how to media operates around sports. I also took this class because I heard many positives things about Media Studies and heard that you were a fantastic teacher!


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